Master (Мастер) is an expert Loner who appears only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.


Formerly a mechanic at the "KholodMach" plant. After his wife left him, he decided to take his own life. However, being deeply religious, he chose the Zone as an unconventional suicide method. Contrary to his expectations, he survived. He has gained invaluable experience and has won the respect of other stalkers thanks to his professional skills. Master is probably the most qualified mechanic in the Zone, and repairs equipment and vehicles. Installing security systems in gang bunkers is what he does best. He is welcome everywhere he goes. A simple, stern man, a bit rough at times.[1]

Appearance Edit

He doesn't give out any missions, but he is the target of an assassination mission from Snitch, who wants to kill him for wearing an Exoskeleton. He also has a unique weapon; a Lightened IL 86.

Master can be found in three locations; the Army Warehouses, where he will most likely either be sitting at the center Stalker camp (along with Smartass, Father Diodor and Wolf). If you had completed the mission "Kill Lukash" or "Destroy the Duty company" , he will be found at Skull's farmstead even if Skull is alive. He can also be found in the Bar or sometimes sitting around the campfires in the Duty area. He usually only skims the edge of the village and it's usually unlikely. He has a chance of being killed in anomalies in the Army Warehouses, but this is unlikely due to his Exoskeleton. After the Brain Scorcher is disabled, he may be found in the Red Forest, usually on the road that leads to the antennas. He also has a chance of dying there, either due to anomalies or combats with the Monolith faction that guards the roads to the Brain Scorcher and Pripyat.

References Edit

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