A memory module from the UAV. Dispite the crash, the module is fully operational, but unfortunately it is blocked.
- In-game description

The Memory Module (blocked) is an item in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

Description Edit

The Memory Module is an electronic device that stores information that resembles a black box. The module can be recovered from a crashed RQ-4 Global Hawk, which is found in the North-Western corner of Yanov, behind the Ash Heap Anomaly. Searching the crashed UAV results in finding the black box and triggers the UAV unmarked side mission. (See the Walkthrough)

Unblocking Edit

The Memory Module can be brought to Nitro or Novikov.

  • If it is given to Novikov, he returns the unblocked memory module after one hour and all the caches are just as described below. This costs 2000 RU.
  • If the player gives the module to Nitro, it takes an hour and costs 1000 RU. Also, the mission changes slightly.
    • As soon as the player gives the module to Nitro, all stashes are emptied except for the notes and Strelok's SGI-5k.
    • If the player returns to Nitro after the work is done, he will only give the stash coordinates and Senka's body will spawn near the last stash visited by the player, carrying the unblocked memory module (described as having been unblocked by Novikov) and other items that would normally be in each of the previously visited stashes.

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