The notebook contains one message marked as important among a heap of spam:

"Set up a camp near the waste processing station and everyone who is going to be participating in this job will join you. Don't expect Black, because he and his people will be at Jupiter on a different mission. The army has suspended all flights into the Zone, so there won't be any trouble from that side. When stalkers find a way to Pripyat we'll send a guide and wait for the client's people there - they'll show us where the lab is.

- In-game description

The Mercenary notebook is a quest item in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

Description Edit

The Mercenary notebook can be found inside the waste processing station in Zaton and is the target of the Mercenary Camp optional mission. The notebook can be sold to Owl for 2000 RU.

If you have them while talking about information, given by garry and about mercenaries, allows you to have a option "We must observe the meeting and eliminate the client's representive if possible - that will ensure that nobody goes to the X8 labotory for a while."

Also, there is a rumor that this item or above can trigger another ending for mercenaries.

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