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Military outpost is the second outpost in Cordon, the first one is the entrance to the cordon the Military checkpoint. In Clear Sky events the outpost was first owned by the Military.This outpost was long abandoned by the Military in Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl events, and eventually was taken over by Bandits. This outpost is the EXIT entrance from the Cordon level, and enters further into the Garbage area.

Shadow of Chernobyl eventsEdit

The player gets a task to travel through the outpost and enter the Garbage location. While traveling to the Cordon outpost, the player can help stalkers to raid the outpost and kill all the Bandits.

Clear SkyEdit

In Clear Sky the Military outpost is guarded by grunts, and then Loners raid the outpost and claim the camp for themselves.


  • There is a stash inside the outpost watchtower. Keep in mind that it is sometimes empty and not always full. The stash box is in the shape of a small toolbox.
  • Keep in mind that during the raid the Loner squad can die when they meet the dog pack.
  • In SoC There is a Walker P9m and 9x19mm FMJ ammo in the second story window. The roof can be accessed by jumping off the tower ladder onto the fence and walking around.


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