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We need to find the recon unit! Major, find out what happened. What a hell...You be careful out here, okay? And Major, keep me posted.

Missing recon unit is a main mission task in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


This mission is given as soon as the player speaks to Kovalsky, following the completion of Unidentified weapon. When the player is done speaking to Kovalsky, he suddenly receives a communication from Captain Klimenko. During the brief broadcast, Klimenko requests help before the radio shuts. Unable to get another response, Kovalsky sends Major Degtyarev.

The location highlights a small area near the Department Store. There, the player will find the bodies of all four soldiers. Approaching them will trigger a cutscene where Degtyarev reports the death of all four soldiers. Immediately after, Kovalsky accuses the Monolith of having ambushed the squad. The subsequent mission elements are then determined by the player's actions:

Book Store not raided

If the player hasn't raided the Book Store yet, Degtyarev investigates the squad's notes, revealing that the Monolith set up an outpost at the Book Store. The mission Monolith forces is then unlocked.

Book Store raided

If the player has already raided the Book Store and investigated the structure, Degtyarev investigates the squad's notes, revealing they had only sighted a few Monolith patrols. Kovalsky then says he can't understand how small patrols managed to ambush and takedown four well-armed soldiers. This completes the Missing recon unit mission.

Item 62 documentation recovered

Regardless of the aforementioned outcomes, if the player already went to Zaton to recover the Documents concerning item 62, Kovalsky tells the player about the disappearance of Lieutenant Stetsenko. The mission Missing sentry is then unlocked.


There is no reward for completing the mission. The missions unlocked are determined by the player's actions before the mission, as noted above.

A trivial reward is that the player can loot the bodies of the soldiers. The valuable loot includes a Vintar BC and an SA Avalanche, both in random condition, that can be looted from Sgt. Ostrovsky and Valyushok, respectively.