Missions are a basic feature of the game play in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games. Fundamentally, they consist of a series of objectives for the player's character to fulfill, and text that both explains the objectives and tells a story. Missions sometimes create spawns associated with the objectives. Completion of all the objectives usually brings a reward. The objectives and initial text of a mission are listed in the Tasks section of the PDA, and the mission selected in the log may provide a mission marker on the map.

List of optional missions by campaign:

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Acquisition and removalEdit

Missions are almost always gained by talking to friendly NPCs. If they have at least one mission available, the mission name is a dialogue option. Selecting this displays a description of the mission and options for accepting or declining the mission. If a single mission is the only available option, it will be displayed immediately upon asking for missions.

A small number of missions are automatically obtained upon reaching certain criteria, such as entering a specific area.


Meeting all objectives will complete the mission. A last objective will be to speak with a specific NPC, and doing so will provide acceptance of the reward. Doing so also moves the mission to the "completed" section of log. Most completed missions cannot normally be obtained again.


Missions can be abandoned by using that option in the log. Most abandoned missions cannot be reacquired.

Primary missions cannot ever be abandoned, as they are part of the storyline.


Roubles are the most common rewards. Other include ammunition, stash locations and artifacts.


  • As some missions modify the type and number of NPCs and enemies that can be found in an explorable area, it may be advantageous or disadvantageous to accept certain missions when going artifact hunting.

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