No garden is without its weeds and Mitay is the designated weed of ours.
- Major Zvyaginstev about Mitay

Mitay was a stalker, who worked as a Duty trader during the events of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky and later re-appeared as a Loner in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

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Clear SkyEdit

Mitay HQ

"Mitay" as a Duty trader

He is Duty's trader in the events of Clear Sky and has gained an infamous reputation amongst the faction for his tactlessness to everyone, even to his fellow Duty members - which is evident as he is annoyed every time Scar comes to talk to him. Scar regarded him as a "shithead" and would not mind kicking his ass. When he conversed with Major Zvyaginstev, the Major even regarded him as their "local dumbass", and a weed in a garden. Moreover, even some of the Duty members joke that if Mitay were ever to be their barman, he would be doing bar fights more than drinking. Mitay sells all the equipment Duty has to offer, and he is the one the player must come to, to claim his reward for helping the Duty faction. After joining the faction, he is somewhat more friendly but his speech is still abrasive.

Mitay is one of few traders that sells an Exoskeleton, and he is the only trader who sells the RP-74 machine gun, and he will only sell them to the player if the player has joined their faction.

Call of Pripyat Edit

Thank you stalker for getting me out! I owe you big time.
- Mitay after being rescued

In some translations, Mitay's name appears as "Mitja".

Up to the events of Call of Pripyat, Mitay appears to have left the Duty faction (since his attitude was highly frowned upon by Duty members) and joined up with the regular stalkers. According to stalkers, he was one of the first stalkers to reach the Yanov station and retrofitted the train station to allow residence and withstand emissions.

While Mitay was with his friends Grizzly and Torba, he was out looking for loot/artifacts when they crossed paths with a group of bandits led by Shishak, who demanded him to give them what he found. When Mitay refused, they later ambushed him when he was alone, and held him for ransom against his friends. The player can ask Grizzly to resolve the hostage crisis.

After being saved, he gladly thanks the Major for saving his life.

Mitay can be asked to go to Pripyat by the player, but he will respectfully decline, saying he can do without company for awhile. He also mentions that he may be heading home to find a job, and that he is sick of hunting for artifacts but cannot do so as he's too attached to Grizzly and Torba. Mitay also refers to Grizzly and Torba as "Bear" and "Bags" in some translations, even if their names are still Grizzly and Torba.


  • In Call of Pripyat, Mitay is far more passive than he was in Clear Sky, he is no longer arrogant to the player, probably due to the fact that you saved his life.
  • Upon rescuing Mitay in Call of Pripyat, since he has no equipment he will loot anything nearby him, even while still restrained by the Bandits. He can equip the weapons, but he doesnt make for much of a fighter, and will run and hide until the player clears out the compound.
  • In the English version of Clear Sky, Mitay is voiced by Robin Atkin Downes. He also provides the voice for Clear Sky barman Cold, Duty officer Sergeant Cheersov and Major Zvyagintsev, and Duty barman Kolobok.


  • In Clear Sky, there is a bug that if you reach friendly status with Duty, Mitay would, for some reason, stop selling high-end gear, such as RP-74s, Exoskeletons, and other items.

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