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A mobile lab resembles a small, armored bunker with tiny windows of tainted glass. The lab is capable of withstanding a lot of damage and with its reliable life-support systems it can work autonomously for several months. The bunker is delivered into the Zone by a transport helicopter. The lab staff never allows visitors pass the external air-lock chamber, so no stalker has ever been inside one.

Shadow of Chernobyl PDA Description

The Mobile Lab is a location present in Shadow of Chernobyl, Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat.


The mobile lab is an above-ground bunker that can be picked up and moved via helicopter and serves as a base of operations for various scientists and ecologists who work in the Zone. In SoC and CS it is located in the Yantar territory and the player must complete missions for Professor Sakharov; in CoP it is in Yanov and is inhabited by Hermann and Ozersky.

Shadow of Chernobyl[]

In SoC the player must go through Rostok to Yantar so that he can obtain the functional psi-protection module. First he must talk to Professor Sakharov and take his missions, first to help Professor Kruglov take measurements, then to search Vasilyev's corpse (which ultimately leads to going in and turning off the "miracle machine" in Lab X-16). Sakharov also offers several different missions, most to collect artifacts or mutant body parts. He also sells various equipment and weapons, and after the player completes the mission in X-16 he will be able to buy a SEVA suit from Sakharov. After this, if the player returns to Yantar, he will find the bunker guarded by Duty faction soldiers. Veteran Loner squads are also nearby and help make Yantar itself a safer place.

A Duty soldier guarding the bunker in Shadow of Chernobyl

Clear Sky[]

In Clear Sky the player must go to Yantar to repair the faulty cooling system so that the psi-emissions will cease. He must take this job from Sakharov, but unlike in Shadow of Chernobyl, Sakharov will not sell or buy guns. The bunker regularly comes under assault from zombies but is guarded by stalkers. After the player and Lefty's team successfully fix the cooling, the bunker becomes a pretty safe place.

Call of Pripyat[]

In CoP the mobile lab is not far from Yanov Station (this in the grand scheme of things). Instead of Professor Sakharov, Hermann and Ozersky now reside within the above-ground bunker. The lab is guarded by Mercenaries, who are actually there to steal the work of the ecologists, and a few loners sit outside the bunker's entrance. If the player opts to take the various missions involving anomalies from the ecologists, he will be able to obtain the invaluable Svarog detector, a prototype that shows not only artifacts but anomalies as well. Eventually the Mercenaries will disappear (they leave to ambush the player at the Jupiter Plant) and the player is then tasked with finding their replacements. Depending on the player's choice there are four options; if your standing with Duty is high enough you can convince Shulga (the commander of the Duty detachment) to send a squad to guard the bunker, or if your standing with Freedom is high enough you can convince Loki (the commander of the Freedom detachment) to send a squad to guard the bunker, alternatively you can visit Hatchet and his mercenary squad at the Substation Workshops in Zaton and employ them to guard the bunker or you can talk to Spartacus and recruit him and his Stalker group to take the job.

Loners sit and relax in front of the mobile lab's entrance