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A real badboy of a weapon. A technician of some skill seems to have significantly improved its initial characteristics.

In-game description

The Modified shooter is a unique Black Kite available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


The Modified shooter is identical to the regular Black Kite except that it has some upgrades installed by default, mostly accuracy ones.

It appears as a Bandits optional mission where one will have to fetch it from a fallen renegade who, in the Bandit's words, "Didn't get along" with Yoga and was ordered to "disappear". Due to the Black Kite's rarity and sheer power compared to other pistols, it is better to keep the pistol instead of trading it in; as the reward is a mere 1,500 rubles. However, it is better to trade it in if the player tries to improve their relation with the bandits.

It is possible to complete both objectives by luring attacking mutants to the Bandit who gave the task, as he will not equip the pistol in combat and will be most likely killed in the fight, even against Blind dogs. The Modified shooter will remain in his inventory, allowing the player to acquire the weapon despite being rewarded for handing it over.