S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Monolith's Whisper is a fan-made movie, which is about one hour long. It follows a rookie stalker named Alexey, who entered the Zone looking for his brother. Alexey embarks with Seeker, another stalker, and they head North.


STALKER Monolith's Whisper (ENG FULL SUB)-0

STALKER Monolith's Whisper (ENG FULL SUB)-0

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Alexey explains his past, where he reveals that he lived near the Chernobyl NPP, but his family moved to America after the 1986 disaster. When his brother was 20, he went back to Ukraine into the Zone, and never came back. After two years, Alexey paid a mercenary, who dropped him off near the Cordon. He was pursued by a pair of stalkers who mistook him for a bandit, and they later brought him to the rookie camp. Alexey spoke to Wolf about his situation, who sends him and a stalker called Seeker north to find him. Wolf gives Alexey a silver bolt, and tells him it will save his life someday. Wolf tells Alexey that if he wants to find his brother, the Freedom base is their best bet.

Seeker and Alexey go into the Dark Valley, where they find a dead body. Seeker explains that it has been dead a long time, and Alexey asks why it isn't rotten. Upon closer inspection, Seeker sees that the body is drained of blood, and they realize they've stumbled into a bloodsucker nest. Quickly they withdraw and Alexey is attacked and pursued by a bloodsucker, which Seeker eventually kills. Alexey tells Seeker that he used him as bait, so Seeker lets Alexey keep his first artifact, a Jellyfish. Once they reach the Freedom base, though, Seeker uses the artifact and all of his remaining money to buy an AKM-74/2 and a Sunrise suit, and they resume their journey.

They head towards Rostok, in search of Freedom's leader, Lukash, at the military warehouses. On the way, they encounter several mercenaries, and Seeker is hit by a bullet. After dealing with the mercs, Alexey is surprised to find Seeker still alive, and Seeker shows him a Mika artifact, which reduces bleeding. Alexey and Seeker reach Freedom's new base at the military warehouses and they talk to Lukash. Lukash tells them that Alexey's brother was dispatched along with a group of Freedom scouts to the North, so Alexey and Seeker go to the Red Forest. During their trek, a blowout occurs. Seeker tells Alexey to find shelter, so they run into the forest and right into an anomaly field. Alexey is sucked into an anomaly, but he uses the bolt Wolf gave him to rescue himself. They take cover in a small building and stay there until the blowout is over.

After a while, Seeker and Alexey encounter a dead Freedom scout. Alexey asks if it is a bloodsucker, but Seeker says that bloodsuckers aren't prevalent there. Alexey investigates the body and they are ambushed by a Monolith squad. Alexey and Seeker eliminate the Monolithians, and Alexey is able to determine the location of his brother using the PDA of the Freedom scout. They keep going and Seeker halts Alexey, telling him that if they reach the Wish Granter, it will only provide one wish and Alexey will use it to find his brother and go home. Seeker holds Alexey at gunpoint and attempts to execute him, but Alexey is saved by an unknown gunman. Alexey recovers Seeker's artifact and keeps going to Pripyat. There, he kills a large group of Monolith (along with a few stalkers, who are also hostile to him), and upon investigating the bodies, finds his brother, dead.

Alexey figures the only way now is to go to the CNPP and grant himself a wish. He enters the CNPP and kills several Monolith soldiers and a bloodsucker, and reaches the Sarcophagus. The Wish Granter speaks to him, telling him to make a wish, and Alexey announces "I want my brother to live." A Monolith soldier enters the Sarcophagus and shoots Alexey, rendering him unconcious. Alexey regains conciousness and finds himself being dragged along by an unknown stalker. Alexey pulls out his handgun and shoots the stalker, and begins to lose his mind. He returns to the spot where his brother died but finds he is not present. He has several memory lapses, and then says that he must leave the Zone.

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