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Well... We don't remember how we got here. I remember that we were a Monolith squad... We had this burning desire to reach the center of the Zone. That's where the Monolith is - it's a meteor, that brought the beginnings of new life from other planets... I remember reaching the CNPP together... And then it's all fragmented. I remember a bright light... cosmic cold... and a clear voice... Everything was just... perfect. I don't remember what that voice ordered me to do now. Several years of my life... just gone. The boys are the same... We don't know what to do. We definitely need somewhere to take cover from emissions... and mutants, right? Do you have any ideas about where we would be safe?


Monolith survivors is a side mission in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


Strider and his group can be found north to the Containers Warehouse, by the bridge. The area is occupied by a group of strangely neutral Monolith fighters. Their leader, Strider, calls the player over once they approach. Strider tells the player about how they attempted to reach the Wish Granter in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant with his group before ending up in Yanov without knowing how. Strider asks the player to speak to stalkers to see if a faction would accept to recruit them and have them in shelter.

The mission then points the player towards Yanov Station. The player is able to speak to Duty leader Shulga or Freedom leader Loki in order to recruit Strider and his friends. However, they will refuse in case the player hasn't completed enough missions for them, in which case they will say they don't trust them.

In order to have a faction recruit Strider, the player must achieve 'friendly' status with that faction. Two of the three following missions must be completed in Duty's or Freedom's favor in order for their leader to accept to recruit them:

Once either faction's attitude towards player has been raised high enough, their leader will agree to send recruiting officers. Because two of these missions must be completed in order to complete Monolith survivors, it is impossible for the player to obtain the A Man of Balance achievement should they choose to recruit Strider, unless the Diplomat achievement is unlocked as it gives a reputation boost for Duty and Freedom, Magpie must be turned in to any of the two factions at Yanov and the two PDAs must be given to Owl. This will allow you to unlock the Man of Balance achievement and, at the same time, recruit Strider for the squad.

The following scene then depends of the chosen faction: if the player has worked for Duty, they will be asked to get into rows and take the Duty oath, whereas if the player has worked for Freedom, they will just be debriefed about Freedom's ways and ideals. Either way, the mission ends as the screen fades to black and all Monolith members get their new uniform. The player can then offer to accompany Strider to the Yanov station.


There is no reward for this mission, although it is required in order to be able to recruit Strider for the Jupiter Underground. As well, it is one of the four missions to complete to get the A Friend of Duty or A Friend of Freedom achievement.


There is a known glitch that causes the Monolith survivors to open fire on the recruiting officers, thus failing the mission. What causes this glitch is unknown, although it might be Strider's group getting attacked by either nearby Bandits or mutants, which causes them to 'break' their neutrality script with all factions.

In order to fix this glitch, the player can do a simple script modification in the game_relations.ltx file (file path: gamedata\configs\creatures\). The game_relations file has a table that represents the relation between each faction. The player must find the relation set between the Monolith faction towards the recruiting faction (in the "monolith" row, and the "dolg" or "freedom" column), and change the value -5000 to 5000, causing the Monolith to consider Duty/Freedom as a friendly faction, thus not firing at them when they encounter. The player doesn't need to roll back this change, as Duty/Freedom and Monolith squads never encounter outside of modded installations.