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Execute them, I don't need witnesses.


Morgan is a character appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


Morgan serves as Duty's quartermaster, in charge of storing and keeping the location of Duty's warehouse safe from Freedom's hands. However, he is extremely corrupt, having grown tired of serving Duty, and for some time has been skimming money and equipment from Duty shipments for his own illicit dealings. He also has ties to the mercenary expedition in the center of the Zone.

Morgan is extremely meticulous during dealings. He does not tolerate any unexpected surprises during transactions, such as ambushes. He also doesn't hesitate to kill his clients if they fail to keep the transaction between them a secret.



The player first encounters Morgan in Zaton during the Transaction mission, where he and a pair of Mercenaries are taking part in an arms deal with Sultan's Bandits. Depending on who the player has sided with, their job is either to kill Morgan, or to assist Morgan and the Bandits in dealing with the raid team led by Spartacus, or a randomly-named loner in the event Spartacus died in the Shevchenko. Morgan will also fire upon the Bandits, either immediately or after Spartacus is dead, resulting in a three-way brawl. Upon death, Morgan drops a PDA which can be used to open the entrance to the armory – opening it through any other means sets off a silent alarm only known of by Shulga and Morgan himself.


Damaging the Mercenaries throughout Zaton and Yanov, if Morgan is still alive, will bring about repercussions – he will hire mercenary teams to ambush the player, so long as they are alive and well – this may even occur after the player assists him in the arms deal gone wrong. The PDAs the assassins drop can be taken to Morgan, and he can be questioned extensively about them. By doing this he will try to bribe the player for it, on the first time he will give a AC-96/2. If one brings him a second PDA from a different team of assassins, he will offer the contents of the armor. One can still deny but if they never accept it he will still bring it up when asked about the PDA, the only way to get rid of the PDA is by selling it to Owl. If one does accept and go to the armory, he will be there walking around until they are nearly at the entrance, which is when he will ambush the player along with a bunch of mercenaries including Vulture and possibly any surviving mercs from the arms deal gone wrong. If one runs away they will stay around there until they are all dead. One can loot the armory without any repercussions, plus one can take his PDA to a relevant party and there won't be any fighting between Duty and Freedom there.

His PDA can be sold to Owl for a meager 4000 RU and no damage to any faction relations, but can be taken to Duty or Freedom for 4000 RU and access to the armory's contents. Selling it to a faction (if he was killed) also sets off a faction skirmish for the armory – Morgan had tipped Freedom off to the location, so they have a squad on site.


  • Curiously, Owl seems unaware of Morgan's identity, despite the fact he suggests Morgan is his go-to guy for large weapon deals.
  • In very rare occasions, anabiotics may spawn in his inventory.