This PDA contains details of Morgan's clients, as well as the coordinates of Duty's secret warehouse from which he took weapons. Morgan then sold the weapons to mercenaries and also established contact with someone called Sultan. To cover his tracks, Morgan decided to leak the warehouse location to Freedom. His accomplice, Vulture, was supposed to convey this information. The PDA also mentions a sensor that only Morgan can disable, which will alert Duty if the stash is opened. This information is bound to be of interest to both Duty and Freedom.

Morgan's PDA's last entry.

This PDA appears only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

Acquiring[edit | edit source]

This PDA is carried by Morgan. It can be acquired during the Transaction mission taking place at the Ranger Station in Zaton. It can be sold to one of three sides: Owl, Loki or Lt. Col. Shulga. Much like General Tachenko's PDA, this PDA is vital in obtaining either Friend of Duty, Friend of Freedom or A Man of Balance Achievements.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This information is bound to be of interest to Duty because it reveals what the supply officer - Morgan - was doing after hours and what happened with much of the Duty's gear; and to Freedom because it shows them the location of Duty's secret warehouse and informs about the secret alarm. Owl on the other hand is interested in it mostly because he likes to know things and buys off nearly every piece of information a player brings him. If this PDA is sold to Owl the player won't be able to access the cache.
  • The player should be aware if he sells the PDA to Duty, the Freedom squad who will attempt to secure Duty warehouse may be hostile to the player (not the entire faction, only this specific squad). However, if one member of the squad is killed by the player, the entire Duty faction will be allied to him. Although, on rare occasions, the player only needs to be with the assault squad when they are attacking to be allied with the entire Duty faction. That means that it is not necessary to kill any Freedom fighters to gain Duty's favor.
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