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Ice! Wake the hell up!


Senior Sergeant "Ice" Morozov is a minor character in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat. He's the designated marksman of Col. Kovalsky's strike force in Pripyat.

Previous History[]

Morozov is a soldier well out of his league. It is unknown which Stingray he was a part of, although him being under the orders of Tarasov imply he was likely with Tarasov aboard Stingray 3.


Call of Pripyat[]

Morozov appears in Pripyat, backing up Cpt. Tarasov when Major Degtyarev and his squad escape the Pripyat Underground. He has no speaking role.

Morozov stays in the Laundromat until the player opts to assist Tarasov in capturing the unidentified weapon. When they move out, he's given an SVUmk-2 and ordered to cover the squad from a maintenance building between the two apartment blocks. The initial ambush proceeds flawlessly, but as the Major and Tarasov investigate the corpses, the Preacher appears on a rooftop above, launching a counter-attack. Morozov is killed instantly when the Preacher opens fire, hitting him directly with the Gauss Gun.


Morozov taking up sniper position.

  • Morozov, unlike Tarasov, Valentyr and Podorozhny, cannot be saved. This is because the Preacher is scripted to have unlimited health until he snipes Morozov. His death is also scripted: no matter where he is, the Preacher will always hit him with his first shot, even if the player uses a glitch to have Morozov staying behind the maintenance building.
  • Morozov often notices the Preacher, and will sometimes take aim, but never gets a shot off.