The Neutral base is a major location in the Cordon in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


The base was erected in an abandoned farm, in the wake of the conflict between the military and loners. It is a makeshift fort, the crumbling brick buildings are reinforced with planks and junk, while scavenged barbed wire and derelict vehicles make up the walls. Heavily armed Loners patrol the vicinity and the roofs of the farm.

By 2012, the base was torn down and everything of value removed. Only the two bricked buildings of the northern farm remain, occasionally visited by fleshes or hunters.


It consists of two bricked buildings and two courtyards: the inner one and the outer one, which are also the only available entrance.

SCS Neutral Base Cordon 2

The outer courtyard

The outer courtyard is the larger one of the two and serves as an assembly area for stalkers and fresh air store for supply crates. Its central feature is a fire around which stalkers camp at night. There is no main gate, the entrance is simply a gap in the barbed wire fence, covered by a makeshift watchtower on one side. Two large trucks have been placed to the sides of the entrance, to provide cover for stalkers inside the courtyard.

The inner courtyard is significantly smaller, but a lot more important. It is located behind a makeshift junk fence with a lockable gate. It has a fireplace for roasting fleshes and ladders that allow access to the roofs. Furthermore, it connects the western and eastern farm buildings, where the main facilities of the base are located.

Power for the base's lights and radio equipment is provided by a diesel generator located in the inner courtyard.


Southern farm buildingEdit

SCS Western Farm Building

The southern farm building houses Father Valerian's quarters and a "living room" of sorts (basically, mattresses around a fire with a bong). Due to the fact that the dividing walls crumbled, rooms are separated by makeshift divisors out of wood.

Father Valerian's quarters are spartan - apart from a stockpile of supply crates in the back, they include a bed, desk and bookcase with his personal safe.

Northern farm houseEdit

SCS Eastern Farm Building

The other farm building is similiar, both in appearance and condition - due to the crumbling walls areas are divided by wooden walls. The northern building houses the faction's warehouse and armoury (ran by Shilov), Van's workshop, kitchen and mess hall and a makeshift cell (used to hold Major Khaletskiy.


Unsurprisingly, the base is crewed by loners of varying levels of experience, typically wearing stalker suits and wielding a variety of weapons.

Notable charactersEdit


Clear SkyEdit

The base serves as the headquarters of the loners. It is involved in the main plot (as you need to solve a few quests for Father Valerian to progress through the story) and is the second stage of the faction wars mode.

Once the player completes Valerian's assignments, he can join the faction and the neutral base becomes his new headquarters. Shilov's inventory will expand and he will have to defend it from bandit attacks from the Garbage area.

Shilov also hands out any rewards for completing quests and faction war objectives.

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