Neutralize the bandit is an optional mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Description Edit

Subject's nickname - Poker. One of the most cruel bandits' leader, swine and rapist... Evidently his head is not okay: they say he caught a rare disease in the Zone. Now he suffers quite frequent lapses of memory, and when he gains consciousness, he can't remember who and where he is. Nevertheless, he's always armed and very aggressive. Presumable location: Dark Valley. Ready for the task?

The mission Edit

The mission is given by General Voronin.

Completing the mission Edit

The player must kill the bandit called Poker. Although Voronin informs the player that the bandit is found somewhere in the Dark Valley territory, Poker can be found in Agroprom Underground and is often accompanied by a small group of experienced bandits. Poker possesses a unique variant of SPSA14 shotgun called Threaded SPSA-14.

Reward Edit

The player will be rewarded with a Tunder S14 assault rifle, 3 packs of 9x39mm AP ammunition and 2 VOG-25 grenades.

Notes Edit

  • Because Poker tends to spawn in the Agroprom Underground alongside the normal bandit group there upon a player's second visit to that area, he can often be killed before encountering General Voronin, resulting in this mission never being made available. This can occur as part of Barkeep's mission Destroy the group of bandits at the Agroprom. If one wishes to undertake this mission it is advisable to hold off on revisiting the Agroprom Underground until obtaining the quest from Voronin.

Background information Edit

Prior to the patch, this mission was severely bugged as Poker almost always wasn't where he was supposed to be (according to the map).

According to the patch readme file, the mission has been fixed. [1]

References Edit

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