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Thanks for coming... I need a reliable and experienced hunter and you're the best Yanov has to offer. After all that has happened, I can't let the chimera escape again... I'm putting up all my savings for this : 10,000. I want to make sure the job is done right... Fox must be avenged!


Night Hunt is a side mission available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


This quest is offered by Trapper after the completion of Hunting: Unidentified Mutants. Trapper will radio the player about a Chimera a while after completing his last quest. Speaking to Trapper in the basement of Yanov Station will trigger this new quest: to kill the second Chimera that took the life of Fox, Trapper's friend. Both the risk and reward are great in this mission.

NOTE: In order to get the mission, staying far away enough from the Yanov Station is usually enough to have Trapper contacting the player.

The Chimera will appear at night (exactly at 21:00) at the Ventilation Complex. The Chimera is arguably the strongest attack-oriented mutant, so packing plenty of medical supplies and ammunition is recommended. A shotgun or powerful assault rifle is recommended for those wishing for close-combat. Sniper characters will want to bring along more ammunition than usual. If the player wants the fight over with as soon as possible, grabbing the RPG-7u from Volkhov AA Complex  and some rockets will do the trick. Night vision is a must, especially for toe-to-toe combat. A heavy suit is also helpful for absorbing some of the powerful strikes the Chimera can make.

The complex has a tower players can climb, which is handy for sniper or explosives characters who need a vantage point. The Chimera usually shows up by the eastern gate to the complex, where there is a relatively flat open field for shotgun/assault rifle fighters. If the player wants short-lived backup or a distraction, paying a guide to lead the way to the complex will spawn the player near the Chimera with about three additional stalkers who can help whittle down its health and draw in the mutant while the player is freed up to lay in damage as fast as possible.

Sniper characters will want to keep atop their high perch and blast bullet after bullet into the beast. Headshots do more damage, but the beast is so fast that it's not exactly worth the extra precision for go for the head. The RPG-7u rocket will kill the monster in one direct hit or splash on any difficulty setting. Memorizing the pattern the beast runs in and leading the beast will help conserve expensive and rare rocket ammunition. Using an elevated firing position will ensure an easy one-shot spectacular kill. The Gauss Rifle is also very effective as a single shot may take down the creature, although considering its high scope magnification, the player has to be far away enough to accurately aim at the beast, although one could wait for the Chimera to use its leap attack to use hip-firing to attempt to take down the Chimera at close range - although this method may be dangerous.

The Chimera's leap attack is very powerful, and its quick follow-up swipes along with the stun ('exhausted' walking speed for a few seconds) make it deadly in melee combat. Close-combat players need to keep track of the beast at all times, especially if it misses its leap and dives away into the darkness to return again. This is why just a flashlight won't do in this battle. Sidestepping the leap gives a few seconds for the player to pump bullets or buckshot into the creature's back before it can recover. Timing reloads when the creature is far away will avoid having waste an opportunity to attack to reload, especially for shotguns. Healing up at 40%-50% health is a good thing to do, as well as applying bandages to staunch the bleeding. The beast slows down and limps noticeably when it reaches critical health - this is the cue to lay down as much fire as possible before it can attack again.

An easy way to kill this particular Chimera is to find a group of Stalkers that can take the player to the Ventilation Complex at night. Once there, try and lure out the Chimera towards the group. A normal party composed of 3-4 stalkers, in addition to the player, can finish it off within seconds.

Alternatively it's possible to climb the embankment next to the mine-field. Trying to find a way the chimera often blows itself up.

Once the beast is killed, reporting back to the very relieved Trapper will give the mission complete.


Trapper will reward the player 10000 RU as well as his unique Chaser 13, the Predator. The player will earn the Mutant Hunter achievement for completing the mission, and random ammunition will be deposited in the player's locker in Yanov afterwards. As well, Chimeras will spawn randomly in the open in Yanov after the completion of the mission.