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Dude, I haven't slept for three days... or is it four? Lemme catch some z's, aight?


Nimble (Russian: Шустрый / Shustryi) is a stalker who appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


A very resourceful and lucky person, Nimble is a survivor - he always seems to live to fight another day. Thus far, he has survived the destruction of the Clear Sky faction, being captured by bandits and managed to establish a profitable gun running business. Part of that is thanks to his two talents: staying unseen and remaining useful.

Nimble is well connected to the underground market thanks to his time with Sidorovich. He has also worked for other traders, establishing a reputation as an indispensable agent who can be trusted with truly sensitive missions[1].

Connections he made while working with Sidorovich will later allow him to start his own business, stating he's not interested in working for people anymore.[2]


Clear Sky[]

Nimble is a guide/information collector in Clear Sky. He does not do much apart from sleeping on a chair outside Lebedev's office, claiming he hasn't slept for three or four days. Before Scar goes out to help Clear Sky reinforce the Great Swamp, Nimble briefs him about the faction wars and his PDA.

Nimble gives a variety of stash coordinates around the Swamps, most notable ones is a rare OG-7V warhead for 2000 rubles, a stash with a Chaser 13 for 1500 rubles, and a USB flash disk containing upgrades for the Viper 5 for 800 rubles.

Yeah I got it... Those morons can't even do a proper search. Well, what the heck, take it! After all, you saved my life. It was well hidden, but these thugs can't frisk for shit.


Shadow of Chernobyl[]

Nimble works in the Cordon for Sidorovich. One such mission required recovering information from the military in Agroprom. However, he, along with Tolik and another unknown stalker, were ambushed by Bandits near the trailer at the bridge in the Cordon. The Bandits wounded Tolik and left him to die, but spared Nimble because as claimed to know about a stash of artifacts.

The player rescues him from the Bandits at the request of Sidorovich for his USB flash drive. Upon his rescue, he gives the location of a "stash" for free.

After his rescue, he proceeds to go off sleeping like in Clear Sky in one of the cabins in the village center until the mission of the Mercs, after that he can be found sitting alone at the campfire, or in some cases still sleeping.

Nimble offers one job - to find the perfected suit.

Call of Pripyat[]

Hello, stalker. Thinking of placing an order?


Nimble appears as a rare equipment dealer and can be found in the upper levels of Skadovsk. He supplies Stalkers with powerful but expensive weapons and armor, who then hand over a generous amount of money. Some of the wares include a Clear Sky battle armor designed by Novikov, an SVUmk-2 previously owned by Max, and Wolfhound's signature UDP Compact, as well as weaponry from a failed UN expedition.

He explains his change of occupation as originally being one of Sidorovich's runners, eventually assembling his own list of contacts within the Zone and outside of the Zone in order to begin his own business securing high-quality gear for the wealthy and well-to-do Stalkers. A curious note is that Nimble insists that his goods are fairly gained and are never salvaged from the deceased or stolen from the living. Despite this however, he sells gear supposedly belonging to Wolfhound, who died at the hands of Strelok during the events of Shadow of Chernobyl. (note that during Strelok's encounter, Wolfhound is not actually carrying a UDP, so Nimble may have bought it.) He seems to have an over-abundance of UN equipment, as he mentions both the GP37 and FT-200M as being taken from failed UN expeditions, though these could have been sold to Nimble in exchange for his services out of desperation. Although when one orders another exoskeleton, he says that the places that made these suits are closed and the only other way to obtain an exoskeleton is to salvage it from the dead, which he strongly opposes doing. The player can, however, purchase another exoskeleton from Owl once they advance further into the game and meet certain achievements.

However, while Nimble may not be totally truthful about not taking items from deceased Stalkers, the people of the Skadovsk all testify for his character when Snag accuses the player of having a stolen weapon. Owl, his only competition, admits that Nimble might have the best gear, but refuses to compromise his integrity by associating with the shadier side of business. Cardan states that he was only able to start up his technician business thanks to Nimble's contributions (he helped him set up the workshop).

Ordering from Nimble[]

When ordering equipment from Nimble, he will first ask for 20% of the original amount and one will only have to pay the other 80% when he delivers the actual product. If the player refuses to buy the order from him after ordering it he will want more money for the next order. One will also lose the partial payment they gave him when they ordered.

If the player orders all weapons from a class and attempts to buy more, he will apologize and state his reason why. (Example, if all his supply of sniper rifles has run out, he will say his "contact" has been "indisposed".)

The weapons might differ from the ones found in the wild. For example Nimble's GP 37 & FT-200m have slightly higher accuracy and lose only half of the durability per shot as the normal versions.

Equipment for sale[]

Buying one of the weapons triggers a sidequest with the shady Loner Snag, who will attempt to take the gun away claiming it as his own. If one is wearing the Clear Sky suit when talking to Novikov he'll comment about it and the faction for which it was created.

As a note of trivia, a loophole was discovered in Nimble's ordering process. If the player saves before ordering, they can then reload to that point until they receive the desired product.



  • In Call of Pripyat, behind where he sits, there is a silenced Black Kite, which is unobtainable and cannot be done on any Black Kites in the game.
  • Interestingly, in Clear Sky, he appears much more well built in physical appearance. This is because Nimble uses a generic Clear Sky model, whereas in the other games he uses a generic Loner model (with his own face).
  • In Shadow of Chernobyl, he wears a hooded jacket patterned in T-Block camoflauge. An extremely rare and unusual American pattern only used in "Operation Urban Warrior" in 1999.


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