Mutant assholes! Piss off!

Noah after giving the player a buckshot greeting.

Noah (Noy / Ной) is a character who appears only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Noah is a hermit who appears to suffer from memory lapse and is extremely paranoid about mutant attacks. Most stalkers avoid contact with Noah, claiming he is insane and fires on people on sight. He also claims a prophecy about a "wave" which will be in the form of a large emission and a subsequent horde of mutants who will kill everyone who isn't prepared for it, which is the primary reason why he built his ark in the first place.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Noah is located in Zaton, and remains in his own "ark" with his tamed pseudodog, named Lassie. The player encounters Noah on his way to the crash site of Stingray 3, on the southern plateau.

Noah's tame Pseudodog named "Lassie"

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Whenever the player first opens the door to Noah's ark for the day, he will open fire and shoot the door twice, causing it to fly open. The player can even take damage from this.
  • Noah has a tamed pseudodog, much like the Doctor. He also wears the same outfit.
  • "Lassie" is the name of Noah's pseudodog. The name is most likely a nod to Lassie, a collie dog from the 1940s novel and movie Lassie Come Home.
  • Should the player harm Noah, Lassie will automatically attack the player. She is however, no tougher than a regular Pseudodog. Noah will also attack the player if they shoot Lassie.
  • Noah can be asked to accompany the player into Pripyat, but he declines.
  • Noah has an very high amount of health, to the point where it would take around 100+ rounds from an 5.45x39mm assault rifle or several headshots to drop him or 2 point-blank explosions from RGD-5 grenades. This was most likely done as so the player won't have to worry about Noah's survival when attacked, and so risk his ending.
  • Don't worry if you've killed Noah, you will still get the 2 Compass and his PDA that leads to the Space anomaly to the southern plateau, but you'll lose his ending.
  • "Noah" is biblical reference to a man in the book of Genesis who was instructed by God to build an ark and fill it up with a pair of every animal on Earth along with his own family. God was planning on exterminating humanity with a great flood due to their devolving evil society. This was the basis for Noah in Call of Pripyat, who did build an ark from the wreckage of an old ship, which shielded him and a group of stalkers from a particularly large emission that he called a "wave" and a horde of Snorks. He mentions all this when the player asks him about his ship.
  • If Noah is killed either by the player or bandits, Loner Stalkers will reside in his ark.
  • When speaking with Zulu about assembling a squad for assaulting the Pripyat Underground, Noah is mentioned as a possible candidate along with Vano, Strider, and Lt. Sokolov. However, unlike the others, he will not be joining the squad.
    • Zulu indicates that he and Noah had worked together in the past before Noah lost his grip on sanity. Noah may have worked for Duty before losing his mind. Noah also has a major grudge against mutants, save for Lassie, and he actively hunts them.
  • When asking Loners about Stingray helicopters, some of them say that there's a military squad near the Ark on route to Pripyat.
    • Colonel Kovalsky confirms this, saying that Stingray 3 and 5 survivors are being led by an insane Stalker, which is Noah, to Pripyat.
  • If you get the two compass artifacts from him and ask for more he will say "Oh my God, Its happening the mutants everywhere". He then becomes hostile and will shoot you until you get out of his sight.
  • If Noah survives until the end of the game, the epilogue tells a story of how a group of stalkers were forced to seek refuge from an emission in Noah's ark. When the ark is attacked by snorks, they see that it is actually very well fortrified. Noah was seen leading a litter of pseudodog puppies into battle against the snorks.
  • Unlike many other stalkers, Noah's name and infamous reputation can be mentioned by everyone in Zaton and even the military. In fact, he can be heard of at least once in every area of the game.
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