The Pistolet Besshumniy (Noiseless Pistol, index 6P9; named Noiseless Pistol (PB1s) in games) is a variant of the Makarov PM designed for spec ops use. It sports an integral silencer along with the Makarov's 8 round 9x18mm magazine. The PB1s today is obsolete for military service but it is a collector's item for gun enthusiasts world wide. The PB1s appears in all STALKER games. The weapon uses 9x18mm ammunition.

Shadow of Chernobyl

The PB1s is a relatively commonly found pistol within the zone, being held by a fair amount of rookie Loners and Bandits all around the Zone. It can be bought from both Barkeep and Sidorovich and is relatively light weight and cheap. This weapon offers poor performance and terrible durability. However the fact that this is the only widespread silenced weapon in the game makes it an invaluable weapon for stealth missions unless you posses the Noiseless Kora.

Clear Sky

The PB1s in Clear Sky is quite rare and not held by any stalker in the Zone. It is only sold by Mitay once you join Duty. However, it might be contained in several stashes in the Swamps. The PB1s can be upgraded only by a few technicians, and the upgrades are focused on tuning its accuracy to optimal levels. When fully upgraded, its accuracy is rivaled only by the Colt M1911. It can be considered the most accurate pistol in the entire game, but it is low powered compared to other pistols. The PB1s also has the worst durability out of any weapon in the game. It will start to take damage after you fire off a full magazine and takes slight damage for every magazine fully emptied.

Call of Pripyat

The PB1s is extremely rare in Call of Pripyat; One can be found in a box next to crashed STINGRAY-5 in Zaton, and another on the body of Snr. Sgt. Morozov after the Monolith ambush. It's about as terrible a weapon as it was in Clear Sky. &nbsp

Noiseless Pistol PB1s at the Zone Survival Guide

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