OG-7V is a type of warhead ammunition exclusively for RPG-7u, featured in all three S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games.


This rocket has fairly average statistics for an explosive – the direct impact of the rocket is of course an instant kill due to its weight and the ensuing explosion deals significant damage to any lightly armored targets. Although, heavily armored stalkers, notably those in Exoskeleton armor, may surprisingly survive the blast.


The script for the OG-7v round is ammo_og-7b. The script for the RPG-7 launcher is wpn_rpg7.

Shadow of Chernobyl

A highly-explosive grenade for the RPG-7u. It is equally effective against troops and light armored vehicles.

Ingame OG-7V warhead description


  • In the Dark Valley one round plus the RPG-7u launcher can be found on the top floor of the factory holding the entrance to Lab X-18.
  • Another loaded RPG-7 tube can be found inside Lab X-18. It is inside the room where the pseudogiant there dwells in. The launcher is near a skeleton at around the middle of the room.
  • In the Red Forest, at the second street barricade, one of the Monolith soldiers carries one.
  • One of the mercenaries attacking the scientists in the Wild Territory carries the RPG-7u launcher with a loaded round; he is usually found at the train platform.
  • Can also rarely be found along with the launcher in the Wild Territory in one of the stashes.
  • In the Pripyat stadium four Monolith soldiers carry RPG-7u launchers with one or two additional rounds each.

Clear Sky

Fragmentation grenade for the RPG-7u. Equally effective against soft targets and lightly armored vehicles.

Ingame OG-7V warhead description


OG-7V warhead can't be bought from any of traders (excluding RPG from Hermit for 49999 RU) and none of NPCs uses RPG through whole game (excluding one Clear Sky member at the end of hospital in Limansk who's not accessible to player), so ammunition is almost impossible to find. Nimble will sell you info about stash in Great Swamps with one rocket for 2000 rubles, Hermit in stalker's base in Agroprom also has information about one warhead in Agroprom Underground (not accessible after flooding it). Raven can sell you info about another rocket in military base (albeit he disappears after talking to him when getting second time to Army Warehouses). After talking to Hog about getting to the radio transmitter in Army Warehouses player will automatically get information about stash with RPG near destroyed tank in middle of base. Finally, two more stashes contain one rocket each (one in safe in swamp near chemical anomalies in Garbage and one in ZAZ-968M Zaporozhets standing near Forester's outpost).

Call of Pripyat

Fragmentation warhead for anti-personnel warfare used with the RPG-7u grenade launcher. The main purpose of the warhead is to kill enemies in cover outside the range of hand grenades using the RPG-7u launcher.

Ingame OG-7V warhead description


  • At later parts of the main story, it might be sold, depending on the overall actions taken and missions completed, by Owl and/or Hawaiian.
  • In the weapons armory in the Volkhov AA Complex, alongside with the RPG-7u and other weapons.
  • At the Pripyat Underground, two of these warheads are found on a crate around the large storage containers where the Monolith ambush. It is necessary to jump around on top of some crates and take a leap.
  • In Pripyat, in the underground tunnels below the Grocery Store, to the left from the ladder there is a RPG-7u and one warhead hidden behind a steel framework. It is very hard get the warhead, grenades might be needed to move it in order to pick it up. It is visible from the metal grid which is partially transparent.


  • It should be noted that the rocket for the RPG-7u in the game has mistakenly picked the wrong image. In fact the real life counterpart for the warhead depicted in game is the 93mm PG-7VL HEAT. The 40mm OG-7V HE-Frag is an anti-personnel rocket but it's "pencil"-shaped. Here is the comparison using real pictures:

PG-7VL rocket

OG-7V rocket

  • In a popular Discovery channel's show, MythBusters Season 09 Episode 13 - Bikes and Bazookas, they were testing the 70mm PG-7VM warhead. The content of this episode might help to understand why such a "cone shaped" warhead is anti-armour rather than anti-personnel.


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