You should look near Oakpine. That's that thing growing between the hills, above the gas anomalies. Everyone's been calling it that since some geek identified the bark from that tree as both pine and oak. If you want to search for artifacts there, you'll need good chemical protection. Take lots of ammo, too, because those hills are home to packs and packs of dogs.

Stalkers description

The Oakpine is a location in Zaton featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Oakpine is a large mutated tree growing over a valley with chemical and static anomalies. According to a local stalker, it is a mix of a oak and pine trees.

The area is full of gas anomalies, and the area is chemical as well. The surroundings are often full of dogs and/or pseudodogs as well, meaning one should approach the area cautiously. Any chemical artifact can spawn in there. There is by default a Kolobok artifact spawning at the very top of the tree, which can be climbed.

The remains of Joker can be found to the south of the Oakpine, alongside his PDA and upgraded gas mask. His PDA must be brought to Cardan as part of the Three Comrades mission.

The area is briefly featured in the Missing Stalkers mission, where the player is sent to the Oakpine by Grouse, only to find a dead bloodsucker there.

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