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Then listen. Many people talk about it but it seems that nobody has ever seen it. It's like healing waters. If you walk in, your wounds heal and your energy is replenished. There are many rumors making the rounds, one more incredible than the next... Some claim to have seen it in their dreams... but as a scientist I am obliged to ask, "How do you know it really was the Oasis?" If you agree to look for it... Well, I can't promise you a massive fee, but if the Oasis exists, its discovery would help us make a giant stride in our research.


The Oasis is a location in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


Rumors state, that it's the only place in the Chernobyl area with clear, radiation free water. In fact there is a small pond of water that heals nearly instantly. The above ground location is the train station which is due west of the Ventilation Complex in Yanov.


You can get to the Oasis through an underground tunnel. The tunnel is in the small building between the Ventilation Complex and the train rails. There are 5-6 Zombified Stalkers, in the building and several Rodents in the tunnel.


Enter the buildings which are on the east side of the tracks near the hill/ridge. Once inside make your way through the lower levels until to find the open room with several columns. Walk straight through the left-most set of columns and proceed to the next room. Walk through the second-from-left set of columns, then move to the next room, as star fields appear. Keep doing this until you have passed through each row in each room one after another. Once you have gone through each row of columns, then walk through/under each star field in order from entrance to exit (closest to farthest) and Oasis will be on the other side. In the middle of the Oasis, an artifact - The Heart of the Oasis grows. It's guarded by a Psy dog. If you quickly move to the ladder and climb out of the Oasis chamber, you can leave before the psy dog has had a chance to hurt you, and can safely walk away.


  • The Oasis' water, indeed, does heal your wounds, recovers your energy and even eliminates radiation poisoning.
  • The player is required to redo the puzzle every time in order to re-access the Oasis.