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''I want to ask you to do one thing, personally for me, you see? We're in the midst of a territorial warfare with the Freedom faction and we need some weapons more powerful than what we have. Freedom has some excellent Bulldog 6 granade launchers. If you could penetrate their territory and steal at least one such granade launcher, I would generously reward you. Since you aren't in our faction, you can quickly gain the trust of Freedom and, if you're lucky, get a hold of the Bulldog 6.

I'll upload the location of the Freedom base for you. You'll need to find the Chef. He's a member of Freedom. He knows where the RG-6s are kept. And he likes his booze so bring a lot of vodka with you. So, what do you say?
- Voronin

Completing the missionEdit

Although Voronin asks you to steal the Bulldog 6, you can find another Bulldog 6 in the Bloodsucker village in Army Warehouses, however, it'll only spawn once you'll talk to the Chef; refer to this page to see where to find it. Voronin points you in the direction of Chef in Army Warehouses - and he'll tell you about the same Bulldog 6.

The Bulldog 6 can be taken from the Freedom base. Walk into the main Freedom house, and walk to the guard. It's very wise to save your game at this point. Crouch so nobody can see you and stab the guard with the right mouse click (instant death). This is likely not to succeed in the first try, but practice makes perfect. Or you can press both 'shift' and 'ctrl' on your keyboard to crouch deeper, move to left or right side of the guard, close to the wall and the guard, press 'space' to jump, and then you'll move slowly to the guard's back, without killing the guard when you enter or leave freedom arsenal. When you enter freedom arsenal, walk in and take the Bulldog 6 from one of the boxes ontop of the lockers. There's also a bunch of good stuff in the other crates.

Otherwise, bring at least 4 bottles of Vodka for Chef, it makes his tongue loose... Once he'll spill the beans about another Bulldog 6 being somewhere in the Bloodsucker village, you can head there and take it without the unnecessary bloodshed. It's located in a basement of a house near Murk's group, along with some VOG-25 grenades and a few Medkits.

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