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Orest (Орест) is a loner clan leader in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


During his childhood, Orest has been a traveler and thrill-seeker of sorts. When he was 10 years old he once stowed away in a freighter bound for China to learn Shaolin martial arts, however they got caught three days later and after that his dad gave him a thrashing. When he got older, he traveled around Europe. When the Zone appeared he met a girl named "Leska" who was also a thrill-seeker like him. She thought they were only friends but Orest felt something more than that. Eventually she went missing, and when Orest heard that she entered the Zone, he immediately packed his things, took a pistol and went to the Zone to search for her. Thanks to his experience as a traveler he managed to enter the Zone. For months he roamed the Zone with Leska's picture, showing it to every stalker he could meet until one of them told him that some international troops apprehended her before reaching the zone, which he eventually assaulted to "teach a lesson". Afterwards he decided to stay in the Zone.

Orest believes that stalkers shouldn't kill each other because of their beliefs and that they should all live off the Zone in peace. He stayed with Freedom for a long time, but abandoned them once he heard about their attacks on Duty.


Clear Sky[]

Orest is the leader of a group of Loners in the abandoned complex in the vicinity of the Agroprom Research Institute. They are constantly besieged by Bandits who managed to slip through the Duty outposts. Mutants attack their base on a common basis, after digging their way out of the Agroprom Underground.


Orest gives 3 jobs: the first one requires the elimination of a nearby group of Bandits. His second quest requires the elimination of a nearby mutant den. Lastly, he asks the player to eliminate another group of Bandits, who have a camp near their base.It is recommended to hurry with finishing this quest, because due to a bug it can ruin the friendship with the stalkers, if the bandits are killed by other stalkers and not the player ( The stalker groups on the PDA are shown yellow instead of green.) After those jobs, Bandits stop spawning in Agroprom.


There is a box behind Orest, in which lots of ammunition and health supplies always spawn. It is a good source of the following materials.