What are you, a statue? If you've got something spill the beans, if not take a hike.
- Owl

Owl (Sych / Сыч) is a trader appearing only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


Owl can be found in Zaton, functioning as the trader and information dealer in the Skadovsk. He is known to side with Sultan when conflicts arise between Sultan and Beard.


Call of Pripyat

Owl gives out two missions surely and a third one alternatively. The first one, Mercenary Camp, requires the player to travel to the waste processing station in Zaton and bring back any information from the Mercenaries that reside there. The second mission, Tempting Business, requires the player to bring three Veles detectors to Novikov, so that he can make a more advanced detector for the player and for Beard's Loners. This quest leads into a conflict between Beard, Owl and potentially Sultan in which the player is forced either to side with Beard or with Owl and Sultan. The third mission, Transaction, depends on players actions made in The Hit. Alternatively others to give Transaction mission are Beard or Sultan.

Owl buys most of the information the player can find in the game, and sells some information as well. He can sell information on the whereabouts of Magpie, the crashed helicopters, and he can sell information on gas tanks which the player can use to purge the Bloodsucker lair in Zaton.The player needs to sell 10 different documents or PDAs to get the Trafficker of Information Achievement.


Owl only has 1 ending: He becomes a successful dealer of information in the zone with rumors that he gives regular reports to the USS itself. This ending is obtained by giving Owl all of the mercenary/Jupiter factory/army related intelligence pieces. Intel from stalkers like General Tachenko's PDA and Morgan's PDA are not necessary.


"What are you, a statue? If you've got something spill the beans, if not take a hike."

"So, you got anything new?"

"That's right. Get on out of here."

"Don't let the door hit you."


  • Owl speaks with a distinct Italian accent in the English version of the game.
  • Owl sometimes says "Don't let the door hit you." But there is no door in his room. He is just showing off his sarcasm.
  • If his ending is sucessfully reached, one can see that he has an actual Owl tattooed on his right shoulder.


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