This Soviet legacy is the most common pistol in the Zone and is one of the best compact self-defense handguns available. It is small, highly reliable, easy to use and maintain in working order. It also suffers from several drawbacks, including its short range, low firing accuracy and poor stopping power, while also losing out to modern pistols in its class in terms of weight and magazine size.
- Call of Pripyat in-game description
The PMm is a Soviet made semi-automatic pistol featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

Appearances Edit

Build 1154 Edit

The PMm first appears as early as Build 1154. Statwise, it's not too far from its final incarnation in the series. It takes up the 2nd slot in the then non-existant inventory system.

Shadow of Chernobyl Edit

Characteristics Edit

The player is given this weapon at the beginning of the game by Wolf, when they are sent by Sidorovich to rescue Nimble from a group of bandits, and becomes the player's main weapon until they manage to get a primary one - usually a Sawn-off dbl barrel from the aforementioned bandits. The PMm has the advantage of using a very common type of ammunition - 9x18mm. Statwise however, it is mediocre, having fairly low damage, accuracy and mag capacity. It is then advised to switch is as soon as possible to another handgun - a better 9x18 pistol being the Fora-12.


  • Given to the player by Wolf at the beginning of the game.
  • Occasionally sold by Sidorovich.
  • Held by most rookies of each faction - namely Loners and Bandits, either as a primary weapon or as a sidearm.

Clear Sky Edit

Characteristics Edit

The PMm is now reasonably powerful and can rival the performance of some 9x19mm pistols, as it's cheap to maintain and most upgrades cost less than 200 rubles, making it more useful later in the game than in Shadow of Chernobyl. Since it weighs less an a kilogram, it  is a good sidearm for those only wanting a last-resort backup weapon.

However, its usefulness is limited by its low accuracy, damage, and average magazine capacity. Its handling and durabilty also aren't too out of the ordinary, even with upgrades.

Its grip is also changed from Shadow of Chernobyl, now its grip has a finish not unlike bakelite, while in Shadow of Chernobyl its grip is made of dark polymer.

Acquiring the weapon Edit

The PMm is given by Docent Suslov along with some other equipment at the beginning of the game. The weapon can be bought from every trader of all factions and held by rookie loners, bandits, Clear Sky members, soldiers and Duty stalkers. Overall the weapon is pretty widespread and it's very easy to acquire one.


The PMm shares the same upgrades as all pistols, albeit they're much cheaper.

Upgrades marked in green are accuracy upgrades, while those marked in red are rate of fire upgrades. They are mutually exclusive.

Hover over icon to see upgrade description.

SCS Pistol Upg 1
Bolt mechanism modification (120 RU)
+25% rate of fire
SCS Pistol Upg 2
Bolt mechanism modification (120 RU)
-20% recoil
SCS Pistol Upg 9
Barrel modification (180 RU)
-50% recoil
SCS Pistol Upg 3
Barrel modification (120 RU)
-20% weight, +10% accuracy
SCS Pistol Upg 10
Solid barrel (180 RU)
+30% flatness
SCS Pistol Upg 4
Barrel replacement (120 RU)
+20% flatness, +10% hit power
SCS Pistol Upg 5
Soft trigger (120 RU)
+20% accuracy
SCS Pistol Upg 6
Anatomical grip (120 RU)
+20% accuracy
SCS Pistol Upg 7
9x19 mm caliber (120 RU)
Rechambered for 9x19mm
SCS Pistol Upg 8
Extended magazine (120 RU)
+4 magazine capacity

Call of Pripyat Edit


Characteristics Edit

In Call of Pripyat, the PMm is stats-wise roughly the same as its Clear Sky incarnation, being far from the best but not a complete waste either due to its light weight and resonable stats for a dedicated sidearm.

The player's starting weapon is a unique PMm named "Ceremonial PMm", which features much higher durability. This makes the PMm itself almost useless, due to the fact the player's starting handgun is better.

Acquiring the weapon Edit

The most notable thing about it is the fact that loners, bandits and zombified stalkers (previously all common users of the PMm) have all adopted the Kora-919 as a rather common sidearm alongside the PMm, making the latter rarer among stalkers but still easy to obtain overall. The Spetsnaz also do not use the pistol as they all prefer the more modern Fora-12 and the specialized Noiseless pistol (PB1s)

The weapon can be bought from both Owl and Hawaiian at a very cheap price and four of these pistols in perfect condition can be found in the Yanov AA complex's armory, among other things. Rookie and experienced Duty stalkers are also known to carry this weapon as their sidearm.

Upgrades Edit

The PMm's upgrades are a centered around making it more accurate or durable, or have better RoF or handling.

Also it's worth to note that PMm can be lightened to have a ridiculously low weight of 0.15 kg (unloaded), so it may be good to have it in the inventory as a last resort weapon or/and to have it when wielding very heavy weapons, like Zulu's RP-74.

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