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Colonel Petrenko

Colonel Petrenko was a Stalker from Duty faction who appeared in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Background information[]

Shadow of Chernobyl 'bio' file[]

A short bio, cut from the final release of Shadow of Chernobyl describes him as follows: [2]

One of Duty founders and their leading idea-monger at the same time. Responsible for the faction's sacred code, he recruited basically all of Duty key members.


Colonel Petrenko is the Duty Faction Trader at their headquarters in the Bar area. He is one of the five traders located in The Zone during the events of Shadow of Chernobyl.


His starting stock is as follows:

After the player successfully finishes the Obtain an Bulldog 6 from Freedom mission he will expand his stock with the following items:

Related mission[]


The Duty Faction does not allow entrance into their main base until after the Yantar X16 Lab Missions. However when you first arrive in Rostok you can immediately go to the Duty base entrance and go up the ladders to the roofs of nearby buildings and jump down to Colonel Petrenko and trade with him. Be wary of all other Dutyers inside their compound as they will turn hostile and try to kill you. The only way to escape is by squeezing between the debris between the two buildings west of him.Using this means you can acquire rare ammo and weapons from Colonel Petrenko that others don't have and the Inventory drastically improves upon the completion of a Duty Mission.


  1. He uses the best weapon at his disposal. If there's the sniper rifle in his stock, it becomes his primary weapon when confronted; SoC patch 1.0006
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