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A drug that blocks avalanche-like nerve impulses. Consumption induces short-term loss of all emotion. Used exclusively in the Zone to counteract the effects of anomalous psy-fields. The effects of the drug are long-lasting.

Ingame item description.

Psy-block is a type of drug appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


Aside from high end headgear or full body suits, while not having proper artifact or when the protection had isn't enough this drug is the only other way of protection against psy-fields. A minute, in most cases, it more than enough to deal with whatever business a stalker might have in a psy-field of high magnitude.


The drug only appears in Call of Pripyat. Psy-block makes the player nearly immune to psychic emanations from anomalies for a full minute but its crowning purpose are for Controllers. A Controller's psychic attack damage will be heavily reduced and its psychic field will be rendered almost ineffective against the player, once the drug is taken.


Psy-block is available from Bonesetter and Professor Hermann, though they might not always have some in stock. Some stalkers may also carry some but on rare occasions.