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This rocket launcher from the 1960s made its way into the Zone from army depots. The weapon is a smoothbore single-shot recoilless launch system with an open-rear tube. Comes with a PGO-7 x2.7 optical scope. Although its huge size and weight make it an unlikely choice for stalkers, given its huge destructive power and ease of use, it has found admirers in the Zone.

Call of Pripyat in-game description

The RPG-7u is a rocket launcher that appeared in all three S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games.


In the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, it is the only rocket launcher to be featured and it is a very rare weapon, best for taking out vehicles you might meet in the game and flushing out large troop concentrations. It rarely appears in any of the games, understandably however, because of its devastating power, scarce ammunition and general lack of suitable targets. Also note that the RPG's rockets are not 100% accurate and there is a good chance it will miss small targets at long range, even if the sight is dead-centered on target.

In all games, the grips and the shoulder guard of the RPG tube are made of a synthetic material.


Shadow of Chernobyl[]


The RPG in Shadow of Chernobyl is also absurdly overpowered as its explosion negates any cover a target may be hiding, including solid rocks and thick concrete walls, and deals full damage in its area of effect and it does not deteriorate in regards to the target's distance; meaning even if the target is at the edge of the RPG-7's area of effect, the target will still receive the full force of the explosion. However, this doesn't seem to fully apply to player as if they manage to escape a rocket, they can still get hit by edge of explosion and survive even in medium-level suits. Nonetheless, it remains a dangerous weapon in enemies' hands, as it can deal high damage to players and may also fully degrade their armor.


  • Two RPGs can be found in the Dark Valley; one on the top floor of the building that contains the entrance to Lab X-18, the other is in lab X-18, in the Pseudogiant lair deep underground.
  • Other locations include:
    • A Mercenary corpse in the Wild Territory, near professor Kruglov when the player first meet him.
    • A Monolithian in the Red Forest wields an RPG, standing on top of a small structure just after the first sniper (as of patch 1.0005 it is possible not to find him).
    • Various carry one in Pripyat, although they tend to keep to higher grounds.
    • There are two the player can pick up before entering the stadium, one near the Monolith Sculpture and the Ferris Wheel (he is located on a round-shaped elevation, but it's very possible to jump to it), and another Monolith soldier is atop of a building which is near the Whirligig anomaly behind the UAZ on the left side of Pripyat - the player must shoot him at an angle to make it fall down.
    • Three more are held by Exoskeleton-clad Monolithians standing at the other end of the Stadium, and will use them to attack the player - it is advised to shoot them as soon as possible to prevent damage.
    • Even more Monolith fighters carry an RPG at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, before and after the emission. One will be on the rooftop of the NPP attacking the military, one may rarely spawn inside the Sarcophagus, near the entrance, and more will spawn at the last part of the game (if the player refuses Common Consciousness), attacking the player from afar.


  • It will be extremely difficult at best to gain ammunition for this weapon, overall one can only have 6-7 rockets by the end of the game (although one could still use the ammo spawn glitch, even if it spawns only one rocket each time).
  • Instead of finding the Monolithians with the RPGs the hard way in the Red Forest and Pripyat, use a scoped assault rifle or, better yet, a SVDm-2 to pick them off from literally as far away as possible. This will be difficult for the one in the Red Forest because he will be around a corner. In Pripyat there is one on the roof of the building in front of the store where the helicopter sits crashed. He will be attempting to take out a group of military stalkers fighting with Freedom warriors and will be easy to kill. The second one is on a circular building near the ferris wheel; be careful because several Monolith foot soldiers guard from the ground. Take them out first, and then take him out as soon as possible - if he spots the player it is advisable to use cover to avoid damage.

Clear Sky[]

Holding an RPG.


In Clear Sky, the RPG-7u was now toned down to be more realistic. Its damage is now dependent on how close the target is to its area of effect and it now takes into account the cover the target is in, meaning that a target in solid cover has a chance to survive an indirect RPG round, provided they're armored enough.


It is also less common; the first being sold by Hermit in the Loners base in Agroprom. Hog will give the player the coordinates of one in the base in the Army Warehouses for free. Certain Clear Sky troopers and Monolith troops carry one near the end of the game. It can be also obtained from a stash called Ammo crate in Army Warehouses.

As for its ammunition, it's VERY scarce. Nimble can give the player the location of one warhead in the swamps for 2000 RU. Hermit also has the stash coordinates for a warhead; the stash is located in the Agroprom Underground, but the player cannot get it after flooding the underground. Raven can provide the coordinates of a stash in the Army Warehouses that has another warhead. Three more stashes contain RPG warheads; first at the Garbage inside a safe in the middle of a swamp, second in the Red Forest near Forester's outpost in the trunk of a derelict car, and third in a safe at the Yantar factory. There is also one more warhead in the Agroprom area, being in a backpack sitting on a tree in the middle between Duty's base and the exit from the Agroprom Underground, and though it can be difficult to jump into this tree (especially on higher difficulty setting since there are many Whirligig anomalies around it) it is possible through some trial and error.

Call of Pripyat[]

In Call of Pripyat, the RPG-7u's performance is largely the same as it was in Clear Sky. It is also now more accessible as rockets are regularly sold by traders and the launcher itself can be obtained fairly early in the game.

Thus, one can now make extended use of the RPG, compared to previous renditions, due to the less restrictive availability of ammunition.



  • Very rarely sold by Owl after finishing Missing Stalkers mission, handing the Compass to Sultan or Beard and getting the A Wealthy Client achievement.
  • Even more rarely sold by Hawaiian after getting A Friend of Duty achievement.
  • A slightly damaged RPG can be found in Volkhov AA Complex armory with two warheads.
  • Mercenaries during One Shot mission will have RPG-7u with them. They won't drop warheads however - but will usually have one loaded in their weapon.
  • Pripyat - in the Grocery Store, hidden very well behind a beam on a slope of rubble on the very bottom floor. There is also a warhead stuck behind the iron bar, almost impossible to get as it is almost 'stuck' inside, forcing the use of explosives.

The rocket speed is more or less the same at roughly 15 km/h. The weapon is incredibly useful against powerful mutants such as Burers, Pseudogiants and Chimeras. The Pseudogiant is the only one able to withstand a rocket hit, although it will deal incredible damage to the creature. One must be careful, as firing the rocket too close will deal serious damage to the player as well.


  • In an unpatched version of Shadow of Chernobyl, once the player chooses to unload the weapon, the rocket will not spawn in the inventory and the launcher will be empty, forcing the player to load a new one. That bug was fixed in the 1.0005 patch.
  • The magnification of RPG's scope is wrong in all of games - while in Shadow of Chernobyl and Clear Sky it is close to the realistic 2,7x magnification (in game it is the same as the PSO-1 scope - 2x), in Call of Pripyat it is way too high (same as the Gauss gun - 8x).
  • The in-game Call of Pripyat description incorrectly states the weapon is a "grenade launcher".
  • In all games, the warhead used is stated to be the OG-7V Anti-personnel warhead. However, the inventory image, in-game world object and first-person models instead depict the PG-7VL HEAT warhead (the OG-7V HE-Frag is in fact 'pencil-shaped'). This is most likely an oversight by the developers.