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The radiation suit[1] is an armour appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat. It also appears in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, but only as an integral component of the exoskeleton. The radiation suit itself is not available to the player in any game aside as a component of the exoskeleton.


Loner variant

The suit is the pinnacle of personal protection technology. It is composed of three elements - a tactical helmet, a heavy armoured vest and reinforced jumpsuit. The tactical helmet encloses the entire head, covering the cranium with a thick armoured helmet, the face with a specially made gas mask with external filters and a cloth cowl covering the neck and ears.

The vest is the bulkiest and most striking element, as it consists of several thick layers of kevlar and can be reinforced with composite or titanium plates for increased protection. It is also integrated with a back mounted chassis, to which the exoskeleton is attached.

The jumpsuit itself consists of a battle dress uniform (colour and camo pattern varies from faction to faction) reinforced with armoured plates protecting the limbs of the user. They are typically worn with armoured, heavy boots and thick gloves.

The radiation suit appears to have been lightened to allow it to be worn without mechanical Exoskeleton assistance, as it does not provide as much protection as a full Exoskeleton armor, allowing the wearer to survive less than half as much overall damage as an Exoskeleton wearer. It is still one of the toughest armors available in the Zone, significantly exceeding the Spetsnaz Berill-5M armoured suit and being second only to the Military Stalker "Bulat" Skat-9 military armoured suit (and its Duty equivalent, the PSZ-9d Duty armor) in terms of non-Exoskeleton protection.


The pattern depends on the faction.

  • Loners: US woodland camouflage fatigues with a dark grey armoured vest with horizontal light grey stripes; gray helmet and gray gas mask with grey filters.
  • Monolith: Urban camouflage fatigues with an olive drab armoured vest with brown stripes; brown-coloured helmet and light olive drab gas mask with beige filters.
  • Duty: Dark grey fatigues with a black armoured vest with red horizontal stripes; black coloured helmet and dark grey gas mask with red filters (only used with an exoskeleton).
  • Freedom: US woodland camouflage fatigues with a matching armoured vest with yellow horizontal stripes; yellow coloured helmet and gray gas mask with yellow filters (only used with an exoskeleton).
  • Mercenaries: Sky blue camouflage fatigues with a dark blue camouflaged armoured vest with gray horizontal stripes. Light blue/violet helmet and grey gas mask with white filters (only used with an exoskeleton).


Clear Sky[]

Veteran Monolithians may be found wearing just the radsuit, without the exoskeleton.

Call of Pripyat[]

Veteran Loners and Monolithians may be found wearing just the radsuit, without the exoskeleton.

Notable Users[]



  1. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky, Take military cargo at the helicopter, A patrolling military helicopter, carrying valuable ammo and weapons, crashed nearby. We need them to hold the barrier - every shooter and round makes a difference. Unfortunately, our boys can't get through to that area. The place is held by Monolithians - a hardass bunch to begin with, but they also have radiation suits, unlike us.