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This operation has been getting more ridiculous every minute since the helicopters crashed. My men are dropping like flies!

Col. Kovalsky

Radio interference is a mission featuring in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


As the player emerges from Lab X-8, Kovalsky radios that he wants to speak with him, in private. It turns out that communication with the HQ is no longer possible because the signal is being jammed. Kovalsky has sent a team to find the jamming source, but they have all gone missing - indeed, the player may have already noticed that Rogovets, Yarmoshuk, Skelya and Merkulov in the Laundromat are missing. The player is sent out to find the team and he will discover them in a park, unsurprisingly all dead. They apparently killed each other and/or themselves. During a cutscene, Kovalsky informs the player that they have acquired the coordinates for the jamming signal, and it is in the nearby Kindergarten.

The player has then to blow up the door of the Kindergarten in order to enter and investigate. This is done with a pack of explosives, retrieved from one of the dead team members. The explosives have a five second delay fuse. Inside the building, the only foes are two Poltergeists (although if the player is fast enough, the second won't spawn), and also an active psy-field, so it is better to use Psy-block before entering. There is a Monolith stash on the first floor, containing Army medkits and Batteries.

The player eventually discovers the communications jammer - a makeshift antenna much like the one there was at the Book Store- and now has to destroy it. This can be done by shooting the base of the antenna, just  from a safe distance, as the psy-emitter will go off with a strong explosion.

The last thing to do is rescue the surviving member of the team the player started out to find. Judging  from the PDA signal, one might think that the target is on the roof -and can climb the antenna to get out on the roof, but there's nothing there. The soldier in fact is in the room below, in the kindergarten's kitchen, making a light SOS noise in hope of being heard. Jumping through the antenna's base, in one of the refrigerators the player discovers a terrified Rogovets. After a brief dialogue, the two return to the Laundromat, where Rogovets becomes target of good-hearted teasing from Kirillov (and Valentyr if he survived) about his hiding in the fridge.


  • This is essentially the last substantial mission the player gets beforethe final mission, Evacuation. There is also the mission to follow the uknown radio signal, but it serves only as an intro to the finale. Blowing up the psy-emitter is the point of no return, meaning that it sets in motion the sequence of events and cutscenes that will lead to the Evacuation.
  • Your last chance for a trip to the rest of the zone is before doing this mission - when you return to the Laundromat with Rogovets, you 're told that Garry has left for Yanov and won't be back for days. He will return right after the Evacuation, if you choose to stay in the zone.
  • There are two stashes near the building, one with a Tunder S14 and one with a SVUmk-2, as well as ammo.