The Railway bridge is a major location in the Cordon in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.


The railway bridge is an iconic location in the Cordon, acting as a sort of secondary gate into the Zone, a chokepoint. Before the Chernobyl incident, trains used to pass through this bridge, however, once the accident took place, one of the freight trains had an accident on the bridge and ended up causing its collapse.

The area below the bridge is very damaged, the road is unpassable for vehicles due to extremely uneven terrain and various debris littering the area. In Clear Sky, there is an anomaly that teleports you to a tunnel, probably the end of the railways. It has a lot of loot


Army bridge 2

A soldier guarding the area.

The layout is similar in both games. In Clear Sky, the bridge has sandbagged sentry posts at the top, from which loners can attack any approaching enemy, as well as a UAZ-469 parked in front of it. In Shadow of Chernobyl, the sentry posts are absent and there is less junk there overall.


Grunt railtrack bridge

Kuznetsov's buddies guarding the Railway bridge.

The crew here differs between games. In Clear Sky, it is manned by loners and used as a fortification. In Shadow of Chernobyl, it's the second checkpoint into the Zone, kept secure by Major Kuznetsov (the definition of security varies, depending on the size of the bribe).


Shadow of ChernobylEdit

Bridge Army camp

Military camping.

The soldiers at the bridge are there to prevent unauthorized access into the Zone, however, they can be bribed (the player has to talk to Major Kuznetsov) or killed (this also nets the player the Major's prototype pistol, Fort-15). They will ask you for 500 rubles to pass without a fight. "the "passport" is 500 rubles."

Clear SkyEdit

The Loners here are a lot more friendly than the soldiers. They will give Scar free passage and might give a mission or two. On the top of the bridge, there is a Space Anomaly, leading to the collapsed railway tunnel at the eastern end of the Cordon. Where you will find Navel and his loot for completing Semyon Lambee Task.


Regardless of revision, the railway bridge was always a part of the Cordon, although its state varied. In the earliest builds, it was perfectly intact and the road underneath was passable to vehicles. It was not until later revisions that it started to fall apart.

Build 1114Edit

Build 1472Edit


  • Besides the electro tunnel and the military checkpoint, the player can also pass back and forth to the other side through the west end of the railway line, where the barbed wire ends. There's also a locomotive with stashes nearby. Multiple dogs and fleshes camp the distance between this passage and the farmstead where Fox is.
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