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Hey, that's my piece! Where did you get it from, you thief? Mine was stolen just the other day.

Reputation is a side mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


In order to trigger the mission, the player must have completed the Unreachable Stash mission previously, and have bought any weapon from Nimble and equipped it in one of their two weapon slots. When the player approaches Snag's table, he will accuse the player of having stolen his weapon. The player has two options:

  • Give Snag the weapon.
  • Threaten Snag.

You sold me a stolen weapon!

Major Degtyarev

What are you talking about? I don't deal in stolen goods. I only do direct business. If you don't believe me, talk to anyone at the base and they'll tell you I'm an honest trader who's never let anyone down.


After this, the player is able to accuse Nimble of selling stolen weapons. Nimble defends his business, and if the player tells Snag's name, he will tell the player that Snag's been scamming stalkers, and needs to "be put in his place". This prompts the player to talk to Snag again, but he will have disappeared. Asking Beard, Sultan or Grouse where Snag went will direct the player towards the Dock Cranes. Upon arrival at the Dock Cranes, there will be a group of Bandits who demand the player to hand over their guns and most of their money; refusal leads to a firefight with them.

Snag is a greedy fool, 'cause he's got in with dangerous people. He's burned his bridges, so you should look for him around Jupiter. He's got no other place to go. You ain't the only one looking for him.

Snag is nowhere to be seen. After dealing with the Bandits, the player can go to Yanov station and find Snag. The mission ends there.


There is no special reward minus the Bandit's PDA which can be taken from the Bandits leader at the Dock Cranes and sold to Owl for 1000RU. If the player stands far away enough from Yanov station and goes back there, the player can open their own locker to find out that its content was stolen. This triggers the mission Theft.


  • If the player chooses to give Snag the gun, it will never be seen again.
  • The quest will only be triggered if they have at least one gun purchased from Nimble in the two weapon slots. Simply putting such weapons in the backpack will not trigger the quest, nor does it happen if the player exits from the upper levels of the dock.
  • Before going to Snag again, the player can speak to Beard, Cardan, Owl, Sultan, Grouse, Gonta, and Tremor and ask them about Nimble. They will all refuse to believe he's selling stolen gear.
  • The player can pay Owl 1000RU to get a clue about where Snag can be found after dealing with the bandits.