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"Research Assistant" icon.

You've worked with the scientists for so long that you could rightfully be called a research assistant. Everyone in the scientists' bunker considers you one of their own.

Research Assistant is an achievement in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


  • Professor Hermann now sells high-grade material (such as Scientific medkits and other drugs). He also sells the rare Svarog detector, even if Tempting Business was not completed beforehand.
    • In addition, Hermann offers a 25% discount on his goods, which can be increased to 40% with the Pioneer achievement.
  • Novikov is able to perform any anomaly protection upgrades, and his price becomes the lowest of the three technicians available outside of Pripyat.
  • Topol and his team will give the player a one-time gift-pack consisting of a large amount of scientific medkits and other medicinal items, if his whole team survived the missions.

Earning the Achievement[]

At least four of the following quests must be completed in order to obtain the achievement:

The player does not need to complete all quests for the achievement to be obtained, even though doing so will max out the player's reputation with the Ecologists, although with no extra reward.


  • Hermann's buying prices for everything he offers with this achievement are lower than selling prices offered by Bonesetter for example. This means one can buy things cheaper than they are sold. Though the difference is not substantial it might be some way to earn extra coin, though it requires money to be invested for a moment. A medkit or anti-rad is sold by Hermann for 187 RU while Bonesetter pays 200 RU.