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I may be able to find a few good people to staff your new research group.

Major Degtyarev

Indeed? Such help would be most welcome and, I suppose, warrant a reward.


Research group is a side mission available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


This mission is only available if Topol's team died during the Intermittent psy-emissions mission, halfway during Anomaly research, or if the player attacked them. The player needs to hire new stalkers for anomalous studies for Hermann.

There are four candidates for this mission:

  • Gonta, Garmata and Crab: In order for the player to hire them, the player must complete In Search of Magpie and Hunting the Chimera, and both Gonta and Garmata must have survived the hunting mission. Once both missions were completed, the player can speak to Gonta, who will accept the player's offer.
  • Mitay, Grizzly and Torba: In order for the player to hire them, the player must complete Hostage without Mitay dying, after what they will be able to hire them for the mission.
  • Duty - Simply speaking to Shulga will allow him to send some Duty fighters for the scientists. This is not possible is Freedom was hired to protect the bunker.
  • Freedom - Simply speaking to Loki will alow him to send some Freedom fighters for the scientists. Likewise, this is not possible if Duty was hired to protect the bunker.

Once the player has hired someone, they can report back to Hermann to complete the mission.


The reward for this mission is 3000 RU.