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Thanks friend... but it won't help... Listen... I was here with a member of Freedom... We found an artifact... I walked into a gas anomaly on the way back... If he had helped me, I could have made it... But... He took the artifact and left me here. He claimed he was going to get help... Find him. I want people to know that he can't be trusted...


Retribution is a side mission available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


The player can find a wounded stalker, named Sliver, in the middle of the Yanov Quarry anomaly. Upon approaching him, the player can offer to help him with a medkit or take him to a medic, although he'll refuse in both cases, stating "it won't help". Instead, he tells the player he came to the Quarry with a Freedom member, and walked into an anomaly and was incapacitated. Instead of rescuing him, the said Freedom member took Splinter's artifact, and walked away, claiming he would find help, but never returned. Sliver asks the player to warn the stalkers about him, before he dies.

The culprit is the Freedom member Flint. Just as the player returns from the Quarry to Yanov station, Flint will be telling another story, about how he supposedly went to the Quarry and found a lot of artifacts there, leaving nothing behind. As he finishes his story, the player is able to accuse him for Sliver's death. Instead, Flint calls the player a liar.

Lies... You can't prove anything. It's your word against the word of a Freedom member - good luck with that.


Just after the player is done accusing Flint, he will tell another story, about how he "helped" mutant hunters in Zaton to take down a Chimera. This exposes him as being Magpie, a stalker wanted dead by Gonta and his group, therefore updating the mission In Search of Magpie, allowing the player to turn in Flint.


There is no direct reward for the mission. However, completing the mission is one of the two ways to force Flint to expose himself as Magpie - this one being much faster as the player has just to listen to Sliver's story, then they will be able to accuse Flint.


  • If the player has not been to the Quarry and already turned in Flint to either Duty, Freedom or Gonta, Sliver will not appear, implying that his encounter with Flint never occured.