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Can you lead me to Pripyat?

Major Degtyarev

Pripyat? No. There's enough demand for my current route that I don't have to look for another. But I have a good buddy who used to work at the Jupiter plant. He told me there are tunnels underneath the plant that lead to Pripyat. He didn't have any details, but he said he'd start looking in the plant's administrative section.


Road to Pripyat is a main mission in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


This mission is available once the player has decrypted the Black Box and investigated the crash site of Stingray 3.

After learning that the Stingray group headed towards evac point B28 in Pripyat, the player must speak to Pilot regarding a way to Pripyat. Pilot, however, advises the player to search the Jupiter factory.

The player must head towards the factory and search the area for various documents. Fortunately the only opposition here is Blind dogs and two Psy dogs around the Stingray 4 crash site. Eventually, while searching through documents, the player grabs the Underpass Schematics, proving there is indeed a road to Pripyat below the plant. Further investigation reveals the Documents with notes and the Duty Shift Log, which shows that the underground was sealed, power to it was cut and was filled with chemical gas.

The player needs to bring the documents to Nitro, triggering the mission Pripyat 1.


The four optional documents, which are:

can be all sold to Owl, Loki and Shulga. Both Loki and Shulga will pay 500 per document, and Owl will pay 750 per document, making his offer more reasonable. Regardless of who the documents are sold to, selling them contributes to get the Trafficker of Information achievement.