Rodent (Russian: Тушкан, Tuʂkan) is a type of mutant found in the Zone. Stalkers often referred to them as 'Tushkano'.



Determining the species from which the Zone's rodents developed has so far proved impossible although it can be said with certainty that their ancestors were gregarious mammals. Although are these animals similar with jerboas in appearance, there is no relation between them. Although some stalkers like Inquisitor, a mutant zoo keeper refers to them as jerboas.


Rodent is an quadrupedal animal reaching up to 40cm at the shoulder.

Behavior and biotope

Rodents are more mobile, aggressive and ravenous than the normal desert animal. They live mainly in basements and destroyed buildings feeding on everything they can get their teeth in, from plants to careless stalkers. Sometimes rodents attack and kill big animals and mutants in a large group tearing them apart before they can escape.


Shadow of Chernobyl

During the events of Shadow of Chernobyl, they tend to appear only in certain areas, such as the Wild Territory and the Dark Valley. They may inhabit lab X-18 and X16 after visiting the labs and deactivating the Brain Scorcher. They sometimes migrate to the Army Warehouses. Rodents may be also found in Pripyat, mainly around the Pripyat Stadium.

Note that if you revisit either the Dark Valley or the Wild Territory from patch 1.0005 on there will be loads of them, you could also run into them near the Army Warehouses.

Clear Sky

During the events of Clear Sky, they are almost only seen in the Agroprom underground hopelessly fleeing in droves when Scar flooded the underground at the request of General Krylov. They don't really attack Scar but prove to be a nuisance since they slow Scar down while making his way to the ladder.

Bodies of dead rodents have also been spotted in Agroprom, in the small camp on the hill south of the main duty outpost. They are most likely to have climbed up of the hole nearby.

Call of Pripyat

During the events of Call of Pripyat, Rodents can be encountered in Pripyat, most notably in the Department Store. They can also be seen around many places in Jupiter, including the tunnels leading to The Oasis. They can be seen roaming in packs in Jupiter and Pripyat most notably during night. However, they are a rare sight in Zaton.


Naming in different localizations

Localization Shadow of Chernobyl [1] Clear Sky Call of Pripyat
Czech Tarbík n/a n/a
Spanish Roedor n/a n/a
French Rongeur n/a n/a
German Nager n/a n/a
Italian Roditore n/a n/a
Polish Gryzoń n/a n/a

Appearance in Shadow of Chernobyl

In older versions of Shadow of Chernobyl, namely and, an encounter with pack of rodents was a rarity. Patch addressed this issue, adding more spawn points for these mutants.

They can be found in the Wild Territory in the tunnel, draw them into the electro and hear them die.


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