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Hi. You need medical assistance? I'm not a doctor, but I can remove bullets and sew up wounds if it comes to that.

Lieutenant Rogovets

Lieutenant Rogovets is the field medic assisting Col Kovalsky in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


He is a friend of Lieutenant Kirillov, the group's technician. It's not known which Stingray group he was assigned to.



Rogovets stays inside the Laundromat for most of the player's adventures in Pripyat up, until Colonel Kovalsky requests the destruction of the radio jammer in the Pripyat Kindergarten. He can be requested medical supplies per mission as well as free medical assistance. He participates in the evacuation, though his survival isn't needed for an ending.


He appears during the conclusion of the Radio interference mission. When the radio jammer is destroyed, the player will be prompted to check out a strange noise in the basement to where Rogovets can be seen locked in a fridge, shocked and confused. He has no idea how he locked himself in a fridge or how he even ended up in the kindergarten. He returns to the Laundromat with the player and is teased by the rest of the Military about his hiding in the fridge.


Rogovets will participate in the final Evacuation. After the snork ambush in the School yard, a strange psy-emission will hit that will disorient everyone in the squad. The team somehow manages to move on, except for Rogovets, who falls to his knees. The player has the option of either leave him behind or run back to him and help him get up. It's advised he keeps him alive, as he will be needed for the final defense; his scoped rifle makes him a little more effective against the Monolith snipers.