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The Duty faction have set up camp on the plain's edge and they always welcome stalkers in need of rest. A desert oasis of sorts - a place completely devoid of anomalies and mutants. Be sure to check out the 100 Rads bar in the vaults - it's a meeting point for stalkers from all over the Zone. The bar is run by the local trader, so if you're interested in selling or buying wares apart from the local gossip - that's the place to go to. North of the bar is the military base, with the Garbage to the South.

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Rostok is a major location featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.


Mainly it is an urban/industrial area located north of the Garbage, east of the Wild Territory and south of the Army Warehouses. It is notable for housing the 100 Rads Bar, the Duty headquarters and the Arena. Due to the heavy presence of Duty personnel, the Rostok area is almost completely secure with only a small pack of dogs threatening the peace and quiet. Experienced stalkers often spend time in Rostok, drinking at the bar or betting on fights in the arena.

Recent history[]

During the faction wars, the Rostok factory and the bar were effectively cut off from the rest of the Zone as the same emission that marked the start of the wars also created deadly new anomalies in and around the factory, forcing the residents to evacuate and cutting the area off to stalkers.

Shortly following the Clear Sky assault on the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, the anomaly surges abated and Rostok became open for dwelling once more.

Trading and services[]

General trading is done with the Barkeep who can also supply an endless amount of minor quests. Some of the other stalkers in the 100 Rads Bar can also hand out quests. Snitch is in the information business and can be paid to reveal small pieces of information about the current goings-on in the Zone. The player can participate in fights-to-the-death in the Arena, with a small monetary reward for each successful fight.

Access to the area is prohibited until the player has the documents from the Agroprom Research Institute.

Access to the Duty base itself is prohibited until the player brings the document from Lab X-16 and speaks to the Barkeep. The Duty leader, Voronin, can provide a limitless amount of missions and some unique missions such as Obtain an Bulldog 6 from Freedom. Duty also has its own trader, Petrenko.


  • Rostok has achieved something of a cultural status with many fans of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games, due to the fact that the area houses four of the game's most annoying characters. The guard in the first building, the bouncer in the entrance of the bar, the man named Snitch inside the bar, and the bouncer blocking entrance to the counter. All four of whom repeatedly utter a single sentence when the player is close. "Get out of here, stalker", says the guard. "I said come in, don't stand there", says the bouncer. "I have some information that may well be of use to you, stalker", says Snitch and "you can't go there!", says the other bouncer. These lines are repeated about every two to five seconds whenever the player is within 5-15 meters of them. This has caused these lines to become internet memes within the STALKER community with "Get out of here stalker" being the most popular one.


  • Normally, access to the area is prohibited until the player completes Sidorovich's mission to retrieve the case from the Agroprom facility, but the requirement can be circumvented by exploiting a glitch. This can be achieved by simply pushing against the gate or shooting it open. Doing this, however, will cause the soldiers guarding the gate to become hostile, and shooting them will invoke the wrath of the Duty members within. One way to avoid detection by the three guarding the gate is to push a box in behind the left guard, break line of sight behind a nearby tree and come back to climb up behind him and then open the gate. The guards may be avoided, permitting access without having to make the trip to Agroprom for the case.
  • Sometimes mercenaries from the Army Warehouses or Wild Territory and/or Spetsnaz soldiers will come and fire on the Duty guards. Shooting at these enemies will cause the loudspeaker to call the player a murderer, and most, if not all the stalkers in the bar area, will become hostile.
  • Near the western portion of the Rostok factory (where the entrances to the Army Warehouse and Wild territory are located), there is a large metal gate blocking off another portion of the factory complex - intended not to be accessible to the player. However by either performing running-jumps over rooftops, starting off the metal tower by the dutyers guarding the Duty HQ (there are two ladders from the first floor), or simply jumping over the fence by the dog pack's hangout place and going around, it is possible to enter this area. The area will be vacant and have glitched textures and one-way walls. The player can further glitch the game by heading south and leaving the Rostok factory, this will leave them free to move to any area on the mini-map without accessing the normal 'area transition' points (ex. from Rostok to Garbage, etc), however the entire world will simply appear as a gigantic field of grass. If the player travels too far in one direction, they will encounter the edge of the map ending at a grey void - walking off the edge of the map will cause the player to become stuck in the grey void, forcing them to restart the game.

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