S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Wiki

Template:PolicyPage Template:Policies This page is intended to provide a reference point for writing articles for the STALKER wiki. When in doubt, read it up!

General article style guidelines[]

  • Professional style is encouraged. While not as strict as Wikipedia in this regard, the STALKER Wiki is also an encyclopedia and as such needs to represent a certain level of quality.
    • Use third person when writing about the player. Keep in mind that this is a website adressed also to those, who don't play STALKER and just want to learn about the series.
    • Use formal English. Articles are supposed to be encyclopedic entries, not forum posts. The occassional sarcastic comment or jab is fine, but don't overdo it.
    • If you really need to make a joke, make it a smart one. If the article really needs a humorous part, then ensure that it is subtle and tasteful.
    • Link to articles once per section. To make reading easier, limit the amount of linking to the same articles. For example, if a character's name is mentioned once in the infobox and five times in the article, then link to that character's article once in the infobox and once in the article.
    • Infoboxes are good. When creating or editing an article that doesn't have one, check the infobox template category and add an applicable one to the article.


  • This wiki has a decapitalization rule: capitals are reserved for proper nouns. Common nouns, like armour, can, rifle, weapon or stalker should not use capital first letters.
  • Proper nouns include terms like the Zone, C-Consciousness or Freedom.

Spelling and Grammar[]

  • When game titles are used in articled, spell them with all the capitals and dots included (e.g. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.
  • It is acceptable to omit the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. title when referring to a game in the context of its content.
  • All transcripted text taken from official sources are to be presented as is from the source itself. This includes errors in translation, spelling, and grammar. Errors are then marked using the [sic] template, to notify that they are transcribed with the errors on purpose.

General talk page and forum style guidelines[]

  • Be polite. Everyone you respond to is a human being. Keep that in mind and show them the courtesy you'd show to other humans in real life.
  • Use proper english. Leetspeek and other abominations are considered mutants and thus are unwelcome.
  • Be brief. Avoid posting walls of texts if it's not necessary.