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This special purpose smoothbore automatic shotgun was designed in the second half of the 20th century and comes with pump-action and self-cocking firing modes. Used as an all-purpose weapon by the police and assault troops. Notable for its reliability and tactical flexibility. Despite its large weight, complex mechanism and considerable cost it is in demand in the Zone due to its effectiveness against mutants.

Call of Pripyat in-game description

The SPSA-14 is a dual-mode tactical shotgun (capable of both pump action and semi-auto fire), appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


Shadow of Chernobyl[]

The weapon is powerful at close range, but is quite heavy at 4.4 kg. Unlike other shotguns in the game, it is semi-automatic, yet still fires slowly at the rate a pump-action shotgun shoots (it can fire with decent speed, but it has huge recoil while shooting as fast as possible).

The SPSA-14 is relatively unpopular because other weapons like assault rifles have better damage over range. It is still popular with some players and is generally considered an improvement over the Sawn-off dbl barrel. It has a greater spread and recoil and a bit less damage than the Chaser 13. It is a great weapon against mutants, so one might want to take one into Lab X-16 if one is found.


The SPSA-14 is rarely found anywhere, only being used by a few Exoskeleton zombies found in Yantar and the Red Forest (Note that with patch 1.0005 onwards it's no longer limited to exoskeleton zombies in Yantar or the Red Forest), as well as by Monolith elites inside the Sarcophagus.

A single stash - Backpack of the tester in Yantar - contains the weapon.

Unique variants[]

The bandit Poker has the special version with rifled barrel, named Threaded SPSA14.

Clear Sky[]

It uses the same upgrades used by all combat shotguns and is surprisingly cheap to maintain and upgrade. It's as reliable and effective as the Chaser 13, but while loading faster and being able to load two more shells, it is much heavier, so choosing between that two is up to player's likings.


The SPSA-14 is more available in Clear Sky: it's sometimes held by Duty members and some Loners wearing Exoskeletons.

It is sold by Mitay regardless of faction alignment.

Alternatively, if the player managed to save Sergeant Cheersov near the entrance to the Agroprom Underground from the swarms of Snorks that would come out of there, he will give them his SPSA-14 with 20 extra slug rounds when they talk to him (though even if he is killed the player can still pick it up without the extra ammo though they don't have a chance to get the coordinates of the rare Walker P9m pistol, and the weapon will be damaged and less accurate due to that).

It can be obtained from a single stash: Blue crate

Notable users[]

Unique variants[]

Call of Pripyat[]

In Call of Pripyat, the SPSA-14 is readily available almost right from the start, and will likely become a mainstay weapon for the player. Of the shotguns, it is only second to the Eliminator in overall stats, and is capable of fully-automatic fire by default. It has a much better handling and rate of fire after only a few upgrades, and the punch it packs makes it just as useful for zombie or bandit disposal as it is against mutants. The Duty faction uses it as their standard shotgun while it is carried by a few other Loners.

Coordinates for stash with this weapon are given to player after finishing Transaction for Beard, also Gonta rewards the player with a SPSA if one completes the Hunting the Chimera side mission and Garmata (and obviously Gonta) survive, and more experienced Bandits in Zaton and Jupiter will start carrying it by default once some of Beard's/Sultan's faction quests are completed.

Nimble can sell a Carabiner – a unique variant of SPSA that comes already modified for faster rate of fire, allowing the user to spend another upgrade on lower recoil or an even higher rate of fire. While heavier than the Eliminator, after upgrades it has the same capacity and superior handling.

In Yanov there is a stash with one under just west of Yanov station. It is in the small pond, under the small pier.

Multi-chambering technique[]

Combat shotguns like the Chaser 13 and the SPSA-14 can chamber different shot shells at a time; for example, in one SPAS-12 one could load 4 shot shells, 2 Slug rounds and 2 Dart rounds. This is done by pressing the fire key during reloading and causing the player to stop reloading. Once satisfied with initial load, pressing the load different ammunition key ("Y" by default) will have the player chamber new shells once he resumes reloading. This method allows one to adapt to different situations quickly as one can rapidly switch from unarmored hunting to armor puncher in a moment's notice.


  • If looking closely at the weapon, it says Benelli on the side, which is odd since the weapon is made by Franchi/Beretta arms and not Benelli.
    • It's possible that the developers confused Franchi with Benelli as both are Italian firearms manufacturers. Both even produced semi-automatic shotguns.
  • As an uncommon Italian-made shotgun, which has been long discontinued by the game's timeline, the SPAS-12's availability in the Zone (located in Eastern Europe) is somewhat suspect, given that there are several Russian-made semiautomatic shotguns that would be available "closer to home", such as the Baikal MP-153, Vepr 12, or Saiga series of shotguns; especially considering that the weapon has been out of production since the year 2000 and has become something akin to a rare collector's item.
  • Like the other shotguns in this game, a SPSA-14 must be manually unloaded before one can change the ammo type, since it doesn't use a detachable box magazine.
    • Pressing "change ammo type" button, however, will make the "closing" (finishing reload) animation to appear in Shadow of Chernobyl and Clear Sky. In Call of Pripyat, it won't do anything.
  • The SPAS-12 is also incapable of fully-automatic fire as Call of Pripyat portrays with the appropriate upgrade, only semi-automatic fire. Although it's theoretically possible to modify such a weapon to be fully automatic, it would require an extremely skilled and experienced gunsmith with access to top quality tools/machinery or possess detailed knowledge of the weapon's internal firing mechanism, all of which would be almost impossible to find in the Zone. Even then there is a high chance that attempting such a modification would permanently destroy the gun's internal firing mechanism.
  • For whatever reason, the SPSA-14's iron sights were properly aligned in Shadow of Chernobyl, but are misaligned in both Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat.


Shadow of Chernobyl[]

Call of Pripyat[]