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This shortened sniper rifle with an increase rate of fire is the next step in the evolution of the SVUmk-2 sniper rifle. This weapon used to belong to Max, the legendary guardian of Freedom.

In-game description

The SVU2-A is a unique weapon featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


According to Nimble, this customized SVUmk-2 used to belong to Max (who appeared in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl).

It has double the firing rate of a regular SVU while still being easy to handle. While still not capable of the high-damage, single-shot punch that a stock SVDm-2 is capable of, the SVU2-A excels with damage per second. Its fire rate of 150RPM easily allows it to dole out damage at medium to short range. Do note that because of the increased firing rate, it is more susceptible to durability damage compared to the stock model, so moderation with the increased fire rate is advised.

Installing all of the weapon's fire rate upgrades easily turns it into more or less a pseudo-assault rifle, utterly demolishing heavily armored stalkers and powerful mutants alike in medium to short range through the sheer number of armor-piercing shots it can quickly lash out, while upgrading it to be a marksman weapon still allows it to retain its killing power by the way of accurate follow-up shots at long range.

Like its regular counterpart, this sniper rifle can be permanently attached with a silencer. This technically beats the Tide in range and the elimination of bullet drop. However, it cannot have a heat detecting scope, only an adjustable scope. This can be countered by wearing a tactical helmet with a fully upgraded scanner to detect enemies.

Much like the SVU, the scope can also still be modified to have a x5 zoom, high-contrast lens, and either a second-generation night-vision optic, or an adjustable zoom.


Call of Pripyat[]

This weapon can only be acquired two ways. One by ordering a sniper weapon from Nimble. Buying this gun, or any from Nimble, triggers a side quest with Snag who will attempt to take the weapon away, claiming it is his. Alternatively, the Monolith member Strider can be seen carrying one in Yanov. Aquiring it requires killing him and failing the Monolith Survivors side quest.