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"Hello, hello."

Professor Sakharov

Professor Sakharov is a veteran scientist appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


Sakharov has been studying the Zone ever since the first research laboratories were set up on its perimeter in 2007. He is a professor of genetics, but dabbles in pretty much every scientific field his Zone research encompasses. His politeness and professionalism, along with a tendency to offer stalkers lucrative contracts for artifacts and mutant body parts, make him a very popular employer. He leads a small group of ecologists in Yantar, along with his assistant Professor Kruglov and Semenov.[1]

His lack of actual experience in the Zone has led to him being considered a bit crazy by stalkers who take on his missions, especially when they entail going into the Yantar factory.[2]


Shadow of Chernobyl[]


He gives a number of missions for artifacts and mutant body parts. The things he wants are: Jellyfish, Gravi, Fireball (a great exchange for a Pellicle), Urchin, Moonlight, Boar's Hooves, Blind Dog Tail, Flesh Eye, Snork foot, and a Bloodsucker Jaw. He sells Ecologist suits and army supplies (weapons and ammunition). If the player rescues Kruglov in Wild Territory, he will give them a SSP-99 and if you successfully take psi-emission measurements with Kruglov, he will give the player a Stone Flower along with a functional psi-protection helmet. He will notably give the player a powerful SSP-99M Suit after receiving the Ghost Suit.


He sells the SSP-99 suit, the SEVA suit, the Tunder S14, IL 86 and the Obokan and the Chaser 13 along with ammunition for the respective weapons. Once you help Kruglov take the necessary measurements for the Psi-helmet, he will start selling the Chaser 13 and the IL 86. However once you deactivate the psi-emitter in lab X-16 he will start selling the SEVA suit and Tunder S14 along with 9x39mm PAB-9 rounds. Sakharov will also slash his prices and buy items from you at a better price after X-16.

  • Sakharov will buy every artifact for its base price. He offers 20% of the base price for weapons, ammunition and related attachments. Armours are for 65% of the their base prices. Medical consumables are bought for 65%, whereas food goes only for 20%. Muntant body parts are the most profitable bargain, since Sakharov offers 125% of their base price. Unique variants of armours and weapons go for 65%.
  • He has the following items in the stock:

Clear Sky[]

In Clear Sky, Sakharov has two quests that are vital to the player's progression through the game, but does not give any optional quests. One quest is retrieving a PDA of a fallen Loner squadron who managed to get diagrams about Lab X16's "Miracle Machine" Psy emitter out of the factory's technical documentation archive, but were killed when a few of their members turned into zombies. The second one is assisting Lefty's squadron repair the cooling mechanisms of Lab X16 in order to prevent the emitter from releasing further emissions in Yantar, thereby allowing a section of the factory to be explorable and enable the player entrance to the Red Forest.

In Clear Sky, Sakharov sells exotic munitions for weaponry, with all of them armor piercing rounds which are not readily available from most traders, such as armor piercing 5.45mm and 5.56mm munitions, used by the majority of assault rifles. He also sells 7.62x54mm munitions, both the sniper 7N1 rounds and the cheap PP rounds used by the PKM and 9x39mm SP-6 rounds. Last, but not least, he offers for sale rare and powerful armors like the Exoskeleton and the "Bulat" armored suit other suits include the SEVA suit and the Berill-5M Armoured Suit. Overall Sakharov is a valuable trader as he sells a large selection of gear that would normally require one to join a certain faction to obtain, his only drawback being he does not sell nor does he buy firearms. Being a Scientist, he sells the widest array of medical supplies: he has all 3 medkits for sale and the largest sale of bandages (most often ranging from 8-10 pieces per sale). He buys artifacts for 80% of their base value (Sidorovich pays 90%, and other traders pay about 60%).

Call of Pripyat[]

There are many references to Sakharov in Call of Pripyat. One notable one is the "Psi-dome" upgrade for suits. It states it was designed by Sakharov. Another reference is made by Professor Hermann who used to visit Sakharov's mobile lab before relocating.

Behind the scenes[]

  • He may be named after Andrei Sakharov, one of the members who were working on the Soviet Atom Bomb.


Shadow of Chernobyl[]

  • In Shadow of Chernobyl, the quests in which he requests various mutant body parts are glitched. For example, when he asks for a Boar's Hoof, he only accepts a Blind Dog tail.
  • In S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, it is possible to talk and even trade with Sakharov when he is hostile to player. To do this, the player needs to join Freedom faction and travel to Yantar, avoiding/killing hostile Duty squads. In Yantar, there will be a squad guarding scientific bunker; after wiping it out, the player will need to kill/somehow avoid hostile Professor Kruglov blocking the entrance to the bunker itself, and then he will be able to talk to and trade (with a lower selling price and a higher buying one for a player) with Sakharov. This makes Sakharov one of the few characters having a dialogue option even while being hostile to the player, another example being Military under Cordon train bridge.
  • Strangely, Sahkarov's rank is experienced in Clear Sky, but in Shadow of Chernobyl, his rank is a rookie. This is presumably a developer oversight.
  • There is a glitch that makes Sakharov stay in the back of the lab, still calling "Hello, hello?" but unable to move and interact with the player.
  • It's possible for items left on top of the bunker to glitch inside, if this happens to a weapon Sakharov may pick it up and walk around his lab with it equipped.

Clear Sky[]

  • In Clear Sky, Sakharov had a rare minor bug that instead of spawning him inside the bunker, he would spawn outside it and block the door; since his AI was not programed to open doors. This was not a major issue, since Sakharov was invulnerable and zombies had no chance in killing him, but still a slight inconvenience for those who stashed a few items inside the bunker. After patch 1.5.05 and beyond, the chances of Sakharov being bugged was drastically reduced, but not fully prevented as it still happened after 1.5.05. To remove him out of his bugged state, the player must exit the Yantar area and re-enter.
  • During the events of Clear Sky, he appears to have seen Strelok. In Shadow of Chernobyl, however, he doesn't recognize the Marked One. Most likely he forgot, because Sakharov is an old man and is busy in his work. It is also possible Strelok wore a helmet or a gas mask to conceal his identity in Clear Sky.


  • Sakharov is somewhat infamous for his "Hello, hello" line that could be heard even far away from his bunker in Yantar.



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