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A light helmet with an airtight visor intended for protection from anomalies. Judging by the design, the helmet is made by the same Defense Research Institutes as the SEVA bodysuit. Its intended use may very well be in combination with military suits for operations in highly anomalous areas.

In-game description

The Screen helmet is a type of protective helmet featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


A high quality 'dome' helmet, similar to those worn on the SEVA Suit. It features a closed-cycle respiratory system to prevent the user from breathing in dangerous radiation and chemical particals. However, the radiation and chemical threat prevention system is inactive and has to be added by a technician to allow it to switch to closed-cycle breathing.

When Degtyarev inspects the helmet, he believes the helmet is created by the same Defense Research Institutes who have also created the SEVA suit, judging by the helmet's design. He furthermore speculates that it might have been designed to be used in tandem with military body armor for operations in highly anomalous areas.

Of all the helmets offered, it has the highest inherent anomalous and psi-emission protection, while being more durable than the Gas mask and the Steel helmet, making this helmet the ideal choice for any artifact hunter.


Novikov can perform the first upgrades for the Screen helmet without any information, although he needs additional information to upgrade the helmet further. Nitro and Cardan need Tools for basic work to start upgrading the helmet. The Screen helmet, like the Gas mask, lacks night vision goggles and the ability to add them as an upgrade, making other helmets more ideal for nighttime raids. They are, however, capable of increasing the helmet's already high anomalous and psi-emission protection, making it even more effective against anomalous damage. One of the upgrades also allows the helmet to increase Degtyarev's energy regeneration. This, however, demands a technician to have Calibration tools at their disposal.


  • Despite the closed-cycle respiratory system, it doesn't allow the user protection from the Perin B3 nerve agent or the carbon dioxide chemical mixture released into Pripyat-1. The Screen helmet can be used in combination with many bodysuits, but these suits are not fully airtight, thus allowing the gas to come into contact with the skin and damaging the body.