They hid everything in a chest in the garage that they took over during the rain.
- PDA description

The secret stash in the garage is a stash located in Wild Territory in Shadow of Chernobyl.

Overview Edit

The secret stash in the garage can be found in a motor pool near a sniper tower.

The coordinates of the stash can only be obtained from the dead bodies of Mercenary veterans. Throw bolts to detect and avoid the burner anomolies.

A TRs 301 assault rifle, an M203 Grenade Launcher, ninety rounds of 5.56x45mm AP ammunition and five M209 40mm Grenades can be obtained from the stash.

Walkthrough Edit

Start at the open door to the far left, where there's a Fruit Punch anomaly in the mechanic's well. Stay to the right of the well and go to the back wall. Follow the wall until you pass the tanker truck. Turn right and stay against the truck until you reach the front wall. Turn left and follow the front wall until you are past the last mechanic's well and you can go straight to the stash.


  • This stash sometimes comes up empty. This is an known bug and usually happens if you open the stash before getting the coordinates from a corpse. Sometimes reloading a previous save will fix the issue. However, don't plan on getting the same stash from the same corpse (you probably won't). Always save after receiving stash coordinates.

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