Serbin is a character who only appears in Call of Pripyat, as the leader of the Mercenaries' Ecologist benefactors.

Previous HistoryEdit

His identity is left ambiguous and little detail is given - presumably he works for a rival research institute compared to the other Ecologist faction. It is doubtful he is personally experienced with the Zone, as he is accompanied everywhere by a very large detachment of Mercenaries.


Call of PripyatEdit

Serbin only appears once, after being mentioned in other Mercenaries' PDAs throughout the game (the mysterious representative). After the player assists Garik in getting out of his contract in order to get to Pripyat, Garik will contact the player with information that Mercs will be meeting with their employers inside Pripyat itself at a certain time. By contacting Col. Kovalsky with this information, the player's given an SVD and told to take down either Jackal, or Serbin before the latter can turn over the key cards necessary to enter the X8 Lab.

Serbin wears a unique SSP-99M Suit - occasionally tinted red, which theoretically would help to distinguish him from his mercenary lackeys wearing similar suits if the meeting didn't take place at night however the biggest giveaway of Serbin is that he is the only person in the meeting not carrying a weapon, his pistol is always holstered as well. The suit appears to give him higher resistance than a normal Ecologist suit, as, like Jackal, the only way to reliably take him down is to score a headshot on him.

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  • It is entirely possible to forgo the use of an SVD, and instead use the Gauss Gun to ensure a one-hit kill on both Serbin and Jackal.
  • It's also entirely possible to use an RPG - this might be the better idea, as some of the Mercenaries at the meeting are carrying their own.
  • Unlike Jackal, Serbin is easy to identify - he is the leader of the three Ecologists that attend the meeting, and can be shot right in the head as he steps out into the open - if shot with a Gauss Rifle, it's possible to kill Serbin, his second in command, and Jackal with a single shot or Serbin's whole squad with one shot.
  • Serbin's Red Keycard is NOT necessary to grab all the information from the X8 Lab - and his keycard is insufficient, the Mercs wouldn't have been able to access X8 with it. However, it unlocks a VERY well-stocked armory inside, giving the player a vast store of medkits and ammunition for the trek ahead.
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