Dammit it man, this ain't no time for talking! In a few seconds the only things talking will be guns. Help me fight them off and we can talk after.
- Seriy

Seriy (Серый) is a character found only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.


Seriy is an experienced Stalker, and is affiliated with the Loner faction. Although it is unclear how highly ranked he really is, he seems to hold some position of relative rank among the Loners at the Garbage. The Marked One seeks out Seriy as part of the main quest, and finds him in the train hangar at the center of the Garbage. After beating back a gang of raiding Bandits, Seriy can be talked to for information about Strelok and the next main quest objective, which is to locate Mole.

Seriy will usually remain in the train hangar and usually dies during subsequent Bandit raids; however, he might also migrate out of the hangar and wander around the Garbage.

Bio note

"Stalker with a face as dirty as his conscience."

Seriy's SOS Message

Anyone who can hear me! We have been attacked by a gang of Bandits we need help! Brothers! Help us we're in deep shit! Bandits have gone mad! Is there anyone near by damn it! we're dead meat!


  • Seriy has a brother, Fox, who is also a Stalker. He is mentioned in Call of Pripyat by Trapper, who claimed that he was killed by a Chimera.
  • When Shadow of Chernobyl was first released, the character was mentioned with different names from different sources. "Seriy", "Gray" and "Grey" were all used to refer to Seriy until an early patch corrected it. The mission log still says "Completed Mission: Meet up with Grey"
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