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Help me stalker! I'm going to get crushed real soon! Get me out of this damn cell!

Shaggy Sergei

Shaggy Sergei (also known as Serega) was a member of the Duty faction, who was captured by Bandits and held prisoner in their main base located in the Dark Valley territory. He appeared only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.


Shaggy Sergei is being held as prisoner in the basement of the main Bandit base located in the Dark Valley. His presence within the base will be hinted by Bullet's partner once you rescue him.

Once freed, Shaggy Sergei will offer intel that Borov has a piece of the key to the lower level of the old factory:

Thanks brother! I owe you one. Look what I was able to find out - it might prove useful to you, who knows... Borov - the one who calls the shots - has collected quite a lot of goodies. He's got a piece of the key to the lower level at the old factory. I heard guards yacking, they said there used to be some kind of lab there, thing is getting close to Borov isn't so simple.

Shaggy Sergei

However, once released from his cell, Shaggy Sergei will be unarmed and is at a heightened risk of being injured or killed by any remaining bandits in the base, near the Dark Valley's exit, or behind the ruins near the checkpoint at the Garbage. It's advisable to arm him with a firearm to give him a means of self-defense and the Marked One supporting fire; this can be easily accomplished by looting a corpse in the base for a firearm.

It's preferable to arm Shaggy with an automatic rifle such as the AKM 47/2 (as opposed to a low-range, two round double-barrel shotgun or a weak & inaccurate pistol), which should be commonplace by the time of this mission. Be aware that an NPC can't use a firearm unless they're also supplied with compatible ammunition; the AKM 47/2 uses 5.45x39mm rounds. There are two varieties of the 5.45x39mm, the armor-piercing BP rounds and the standard FMJ rounds, it's advisable to share the armor-piercing BP rounds with Shaggy instead of the standard FMJ rounds if they're available, as it will make him a more effective combatant.

Should he escape, he will return to the Duty outpost in the garbage that leads to Rostok.

Beware: a vanilla (unmodded) playthrough of this mission is prone to mission-breaking bugs and may require the Zone Reclamation Project mod to fix. The ZRP mod will be compatible with an existing save provided that the aforementioned save file is a vanilla playthrough. Here is an instructional video on how to install it.


  • There is a character known as Serega in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky. He is a member of Freedom and a side quest requires the player to return his stolen guitar.
    • Curiously, in SoC, there is a hidden guitar in the Dark Valley.
  • You can give him any weapon and he walks out of the Bandit base by himself. If you want him to stay alive the best solution would be finding a cheap weapon for him and walk out of the bandit base with him. If he doesn't find any weapons he will just run off and stay an easy target for mutants or bandits.